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Down The Shore: South Jersey Gas Conducting Paving Remediation Operations

 Through June 25th

South Jersey Gas and the County of Cape May have informed the Borough of Avalon about required paving remediation work that will be conducted in the Borough through Friday, June 25th.  This paving is to be done by a contractor hired by South Jersey Gas to do paving on streets in some neighborhoods where multiple work was being done, including gas main service and the installation of excess pressure valves.  There will be no paving operations in Avalon past June 25th due to the volume of traffic in our community.  South Jersey Gas’s contractor will return in the fall to do more paving operations on streets that were compromised by this work. Down the shore 3

On streets where paving is being done, there will be one day of milling the street surface, and one day of paving the new street surface.  No streets will be milled before a weekend, a surfaced after a weekend.  No work will be done on Saturday or Sunday.  This will eliminate some of the bumps and dips on local streets that have been temporarily repaired following the service upgrades which were mandated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.  The work will fall under the inspection of the Borough’s engineering firm.  In advance of the work on these select streets, the Avalon Police Department will have “no parking” signs on the streets.  Neighbors and visitors who are in these properties are asked to park their vehicles on their properties, away from the street that will be milled and paved.  The “no parking” signs will be removed once the street is paved and normal parking may resume.

The most significant street to be milled and paved will be the southbound lane of Ocean Drive from 63rd Street south towards Stone Harbor.  This work is anticipated to begin on Monday, June 21st and conclude on Friday, June 25th.  Residents and residential contractors shall be aware of this street being paved as portions of this roadway are in poor condition due to work conducted by South Jersey Gas.  Milling operations are expected Monday through Wednesday, with paving operations expected Wednesday through Friday.  No work will be done after Friday, June 25th.  Over the next few years, there will be a major project involving drainage and road resurfacing on Ocean Drive, on both the northbound and southbound lanes, similar to the work that was conducted by the County north of 63rd Street.  Ocean Drive is a County, and not a municipal, roadway.