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Deer Mismanagement Bill Released from Senate Environment Cmt.


The Senate Environment and Energy Committee released S335(Smith). The bill permits certain deer control activities; establishes check-off donation on hunting license applications to support venison donation program; authorizes issuance of multi-species depredation permit for wildlife control on farmland. Taylor McFarland, Acting Director of the Sierra Club, NJ Chapter released the following statement:

“We strongly oppose this bill. This legislation will lead to clear cutting, add invasive species, and cause an overpopulation of deer. The purpose of this bill is to encourage hunting, not about managing deer. It also doesn’t manage the lands properly. For example, forests have less deer than fields. This legislation is everything that is wrong about land management. If we want to manage deer, we need to focus on land management. When managing a system, you have to look holistically at the entire system.”