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Culture Features of Gay Dating According to the Country


In case you live in a small town, LBGT dating options can seem virtually non-existent. Of course, that’s not always the case, but often one will have to look far beyond the confines of their hometown if they want to have the best chance at finding true love. How can you go beyond the borders of what you define as “home” and “usual”? Can you meet a potential partner when you go to another city, or should you connect with them online first? Let’s find out!

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Is gay dating harder than finding a straight partner?


There’s no way around it: gay dating is harder than traditional dating. This is true for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest factors is cultural acceptance. While people around the world have become kinder to gay people in recent years, there were (and still are) many places that held negative feelings against the gay community. Beyond that, straight people simply outnumber the gay community, providing fewer options when it comes to a practical dating pool. 


Online dating like a safe place for LGBT to find a partner


Before the creation of the internet, singles could only connect in a few different ways: in person, via newspaper personals, or by using dating tapes. However, since the internet was created and began to thrive in popularity, singles have been using it to connect with people farther away, often forming romantic connections with the individuals they met online.


This is why online dating is truly the best option for homosexual people to find love. Unlike local dating, online partner options are virtually unlimited, meaning anyone can find a match if they look long enough. In the beginning, online dating services catered mainly to straight singles, so gay people would still have a challenge finding a match online. However, now that the gay community is much more widely recognized, it’s extremely easy to jump online and find a dating site for gay people. 


The USA is the most gay-friendly country


Many regional niche gay dating sites exist, making it easy for singles to connect with others in their area, but the larger services serve on a national (or even worldwide) level, allowing gay singles from across the globe to connect with each other. While this may not be practical from a dating sense (unless you’re into long-distance relationships), it does a lot in terms of providing a safe online space for the LBGT community to thrive.


Undoubtedly, the United States of America is the most gay-friendly place in the world. Like any other country, there are the occasional hate crimes here, but for the most part, gay men and women are accepted just as much as their straight counterparts. The LBGT community is very active in America, constantly continuing its fight for equality in all areas of life. Surprisingly, although the US is the most gay-accepting community at the moment, they weren’t the first—that honor goes to the Netherlands!


Netherlands: They were the first in the world to legalize gay marriage

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 19.13.56The Netherlands legalized same-sex marriage on April 1, 2001, making them the first in the world. Belgium also legalized it (though not until 2003), and since then, 29 other countries have followed suit (same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in all 50 states of the United States until 2015). Since then, this country remains the most gay-friendly place in all of Europe, fully accepting the LGBT community and promoting state-level inclusivity.


Italy is full of open-minded people who welcome diversity

At the moment, Italy is a big deal for gay people. While the country is open to diversity and does allow gay couples to join in a civil union, it still hasn’t fully legalized gay marriage. Civil unions don’t provide all of the benefits that marriage does, which is why the Italian gay community continues to fight for the right to marry. Interestingly enough, the restriction on gay marriage applies only to male couples; the Italian courts decided to recognize same-sex marriage between females back in 2017! While there is most likely a long fight ahead of them, we expect gay marriage (in both genders) to be legally recognized by the Italian courts in the near future. However, only time will tell!


There’s, of course, no place like home, but if you don’t feel loved there, why don’t you take your journey elsewhere? Still, we advise you to connect with your potential partner first. Then, when traveling, you’ll be following the call of love because if you find a mate while on tour and have to leave in a few days, it can be mentally challenging for both of you. Still, your happiness is the priority, so don’t let your roots hold you for long if you can fly somewhere and find love, honesty, and acceptance!


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