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Congress Allocates $650 Million in Annual Fishery Restoration and Conservation Efforts


The U.S. Congress recently took important steps towards reauthorizing the sport fishing restoration and boating trust fund, according to South Jersey Yacht Sales.

A news release from SJYS states,

This fund is a program that supports nearly $650 million in annual fishery restoration and conservation efforts. The fund gets directly distributed to State Fish and Wildlife agencies, Costal Wetlands Restoration, Boat Saftey Programs, Boat Infrastructure & Clean Water Projects and finally, Boating & Fishing Outreach and Education. The recreational boating community sees this Fund as top priority to get passed as the efforts support the marine industry in addition to the heath of the wetlands and fish species. Both sides of the Capitol have praised this fund thus expediting efforts to hopefully get this passed before July 4th. 


As the Fund is being reauthorized, it is important to look at what they were able to accomplish since it was last authorized. Since 2010, Nearly 3.5 Million students have been educated about the benefits of conservation, boating and fishing. Also, more than 2 billion fish have been stocked in lakes, rivers and streams across the Country. And much more! This fund is extremely beneficial to the marine industry and those whom care about the water they live on. We are happy to see attention and funding being brought to the preservation and upkeep around marine life and hope that it continues on a great scale.