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NJBIA Favors Bill Committing $3M to State Basic Skills Training

KUDOS to the Candidates Joining the 100th Anniversary Miss America Class!

Left to right: Courtney Choy (HI) $6,000 Scholarships Earned, Sydney Park (NY) $5,000 Scholarships Earned, Danielle Morse (VT) $5,200 Scholarships Earned 
Left to right: Kaitlin O'Neill (SD) $10,000 Scholarships Earned, Sienna Mascarenas (NM) $4500 Scholarships Earned

Thank you, Nikki (HI), Lauren (NY), Jillian (VT), Amber (SD), and Misa (NM) for your dedication to the Miss America Organization!

Left to right: Nikki Holbrook (HI), Lauren Molella (NY), Jillian Fisher (VT)
Left to right: Amber Hulse (SD), Misa Tran (NM)

Welcome the newly crowned Miss America's Outstanding Teen Class of 2021

Left to right: Tess O'Riordan (MA) $3,100 Scholarships Earned, Annika Bennion (MT) $2,750 Scholarships Earned, Emma Anderson (VT) $1,100 Scholarships Earned
Left to right: Gianna Caetano (NY) $2,750 Scholarships Earned, Chloe Furnstahl (WA) $12,650 Scholarships Earned, Kianna Healy (SD) $2,250 Scholarships Earned
Dallas Collins (NM) $2,000 Scholarships Earned

Thank you to our outgoing Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2019/2020 titleholders!

Left to right: Rachel Perry (MA), Karsen Murphy (MT), Danielle Trottier (VT)
Left to right: Sarah Lawerence (NY), Tiffany Abrams (WA), Payton Steffensen (SD)
Brynn Ayala (NM)