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America has crossed a line. Washington politics 2

June 9, 2021 - The Lincoln Project today released a new ad which will air in the Bedminster, NJ and New York City, NY media markets on Thursday and digitally in Washington, DC on Wednesday. The 60-second ad, entitled “The Line,” features recent comments made by former national security advisor Michael Flynn, in which Flynn suggested a military-style coup “should happen here.” Flynn’s comments are just the latest example of the Republican Party’s willingness to betray our democracy in favor of Donald Trump’s ego.

“The Republican Party has crossed a line – they have embraced a style of politics that favors power over people; fear over freedom; destruction over democracy,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. “The GOP believes in sacrificing our democratic systems at the altar of national populism and authoritarianism. This newest indication that a line has been crossed is but another reason The Lincoln Project remains committed to the fight ahead and committed to seeing an end to Trumpism."

The full ad can be viewed here

The Lincoln Project is a group of dedicated Americans who worked to defeat Donald J. Trump and will continue to fight on behalf of American democracy.

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