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100 Pandas Slot


The 100 Pandas slot machine online game from IGT Games is a very appealing experience, but is it worth playing beyond the free version? Here's what the game has to offer.

Online Casino Graphics

100 Pandas slot is an online video slot game, and that means graphics. The green background and vivid matching symbols create a very appealing design, and the background music doesn't get annoying during long playing sessions. 

If it's aiming to represent the 'China spirit' or 'oriental style', then it does it quite well, with a big focus on the panda family that gives the game its name.

The interface is easy to use, too. You can tell where adjacent reels sit even without lines between them all, and win lines are easy to check. Even on mobile devices, you can keep track of the game while you play.

Symbols are designed to be easy to tell apart. Some will have vastly different colors, while others are similar but use different backgrounds (like a bright purpose background) to stay clear.

100 Panda Slot Gameplay

100 Pandas has more lines than normal, due to being a 5 x 4 slot instead of a 5 x 3 slot. This means that you get 100 paylines - which is where the 100 Pandas slot game name comes from. The minimum you can bet per line is £1, and the maximum per line is £30.

You can adjust the total bet by reducing the number of paylines you want to play on at the same time. This means that large bets have an opt-in required, making it easier to gamble responsibly if you want to stick to the minimum deposit and bet amounts.

The game works like a standard online slot machine, so you don't need to re-learn 100 Pandas slot gameplay. You just set the line, bet, and optionally Autoplay amounts, then start spinning. The value of your win is based on the symbols, too: the playing cards are the least valuable, but you can still win with them during regular play.


The 100 Pandas online slot is a medium-variance experience, meaning that there's game weighting towards average-frequency wins and medium payouts. This makes each win meaningful and provides more value to bonus spins, but also doesn't force you to play constantly in hopes that you'll get one single win.

The longer you play, the more likely it becomes that you'll get a bonus, especially when it comes to landing Scatters on the second, third, and fourth reels.

Bonuses and Special Features

Wilds are the main bonus on offer here in the base game, acting as the highest-paying symbol. The only symbol they can't replace is the Yin-Yang Scatter, but they take the place of any other symbol, giving you a higher chance of winning and getting some bonus money in the process.

These can also appear as Stacked Wilds, meaning that they consume an entire reel. A Stacked Wild symbol is ideal for getting consecutive Wild symbols wins, even at a minimum bet amount, and can lead to huge cash rewards of bonus funds if you're lucky.

Some sites might tie the game into things like the Wow Pot or have a welcome bonus that applies to eligible games, but 100 Pandas doesn't flaunt that many game features. Instead, they offer a demo version for you to learn, as well as great multiplier bonuses during gameplay.

Free Spins Feature / Bonus Game

You can trigger bonus rounds during your games that give you ten free spins each time, bringing you to a bonus game where you can spend them. This bonus round still awards real money, but with a 2x multiplier to your bonus money. 

To trigger the free spins, you need to get Yin-Yang Scatter symbols in the center three reels in a single spin. The free spins just act as free games - each free spin replaced one regular spin and adds a multiplier for more money.

These bonus spins will end after you use all 10 free spins, but you can re-trigger the free spins again in the same way by getting the same instant Scatter symbol combination. The max bonus amount can be higher depending on the number of winning combos / pay-lines you land in one spin.

Free Version

Some online casinos will offer a free slots version of 100 Pandas to let you practice without real money. This is a good way to learn how the free slots work and experiment with maximum bet odds, and can be great for people who are just getting into online slots.

You still play by the same rules and with the same graphics, so it can also be a helpful way to get used to identifying symbols by things like the purple background or the general shape. Bonus funds won't give you real winnings, but you can still try out the maximum coin wins to see what sort of bonus chances you'll be up against when you play with real money.

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Should I Play 100 Pandas at Online Casinos?

The 100 Pandas slot machine game is an interesting one, and it's something that might appear at some of your favourite casinos online. It's a good experience even without third-party deposit bonus offers, and the software providers behind it - IGT - have managed to create a great slot no matter your level of experience with these games.

Of course, if you're a new player, you'll want to try the free demo out before you make your first deposit. 100 Pandas isn't hard to learn, but it can take a while to adapt if you're not used to the 5 x 4 setup instead of the usual 5 x 3 and the differences that it makes to the paylines.

If you aren't sure or want to know more before you dive in, check out this review of 100 Pandas slots to get some extra details. The more you know, the easier it becomes to start playing for real.