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Woodbury Business News: FATHER & SON PIZZA Help the Hungry

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Four months ago, Ernie Tagliaferro made the bold move to open Father & Sons Pizzeria (40 S. Broad Street in Woodbury; 856 –384-7700) right during a global pandemic! 
Having been in business with his family for over 50 years, serving the public in Philadelphia, Ernie’s father inspired in his son the importance of community involvement. He understands that their restaurant’s paying customers “enable them to feed those who are hungry.”
Tagliaferro expressed, “my blessings are many and it must be a terrible feeling for parents to be fearful of being unable to feed their children.” Father and Son’s Pizzeria made the decision to donate food vouchers to the local food bank even as they were challenged with keeping their employees on the payroll and the business operating during the COVID-19 crisis.
“If the vouchers can give them the security of knowing they will eat that might be the little break needed to help (them) regroup and move forward,” the restaurant owner explained.
When you get a chance, pay a visit to Father and Son’s Pizzeria and welcome them to Woodbury!