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What you can do for more followers on Instagram 


Do you feel like your growth on Instagram is slowing down a bit and want to know what you can do to grow your follower count? Have you thought about using Instagram to market your business but don’t have enough followers to do this yet?

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Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos with family, friends, and followers. But what you may not know is that there are some things you can do to get more followers on Instagram. Instagram is a great social media platform to promote your business and products.

The more followers you have, the better your reach will be, and this is exactly what you want. Growing your followers isn’t easy and there is a lot of competition, but it is even more difficult if you are new to the platform. To start, you can try using growth services like Growthsilo, which is a perfect way for boosting your account organically and finding the audience that will engage with your brand. It is known as one of the best services to buy Instagram followers and a perfect way to start off for those who are new to this social media platform. However, there are still many things you could do. Here are a few. 

Know the trends

Just like with any other social media platform that you may be on or that you may be marketing your business on, Instagram relies heavily on trends and trending content. If you are looking to gain more followers, you won’t be able to do this by posting any old photo or video that you think looks nice. The way to connect with an audience is by posting content that they can relate to or content that is trending. 

One thing that is important to note is that trends are ever-changing and you need to keep on top of them so that you aren’t posting outdated trends and trying to get more followers by posting something that won’t be of interest to your audience. One of the biggest benefits of making use of trends is that you don’t have to constantly think of your own brand-new idea, you can take inspiration from someone else and just roll with that. 

Post in a niche

If you are on Instagram just to have fun and post some pictures and videos Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 14.47.57which you think look nice, then it's fine to just post whatever you want. However, if you are looking to have a successful Instagram account, and to grow your number of followers, the very first step you should take is to decide which niche you fall part of based on the product or service you are offering.

Once you have established the right niche for your account you will be able to easily identify what kind of content your target audience will enjoy and what kind of content you should be consistently posting in order to reach this target audience which falls part of your niche. There are so many different niches to be found on Instagram, but a few of the most popular ones are health and fitness, gaming, comedy, animals, and makeup. It is incredibly important to choose a niche that you will cater your content towards, as there is no point in aimlessly posting your content to billions of people who won't even enjoy it or give it a second glance. 

Use influencers

With a user base of over a billion people, it comes with no surprise that some users have managed to gain a following over millions upon millions of people. These celebrities of Instagram are what we refer to as influencers and they consider posting to Instagram their full-time job which they take very seriously. 

One of the best things about influencers is that they will always be on the lookout for new projects and businesses to promote for a fee. This is fantastic when trying to grow your follower base on Instagram as you will have access to their millions of adoring fans. 

Use hashtags and engage

One tool that many people tend to neglect or not use correctly, is hashtags. Hashtags allow for you to reach a much larger audience that falls part of your niche and target audience with so much ease. 

Another way you could be actively trying to get more followers is by engaging a whole lot more. You should be responding to all of your direct messages, replying to comments on your content, liking and sharing other users’ content, and even following people. Engagement is by far one of the best ways to get your name out there and to get noticed, which in turn will help you get more followers.


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