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What is the best car to buy in Dubai? 


The United Arab Emirates has become a huge business hub for travelers in the last decade. This country has many more opportunities for people across the globe. And when it comes to technology and extravagant lifestyle, UAE is second to none. Its incredible and awful beauty with modern architecture makes you surprised. Dubai is one of the most famous and charming emirates of the United Arab Emirates because of its skyscraper buildings, wonderful islands, thrilling activities, and many other things. 



Dubai is also famous for its modern lifestyle and every second person in this city has a well-settled business and also owns a few of the most elegant and expensive cars. Although it becomes a necessity in a city like Dubai, that you own your car for getting around the city. You can also rent it out from different car rental companies in Dubai, if you can afford it, it is better to buy your personal car. However, in the city of gold, driving the same car over and over seems boring and monotonous, that’s why people prefer to buy used cars so that they can be replaced easily. 


If you are confused about which car is best to buy in Dubai, then don't worry. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top cars in Dubai that are best for buying. Also, you can contact any professional Rent A Car Dubai to book any of these cars for your Dubai visit. 


1- Nissan Altima 



It is one of the most selling cars in Dubai as well as in the UAE. Nissan Altima is giving a tough competition in the stream of middle-size sedan cars. It has an engine of V6 power, with a five-seater enough space, 2 wheel drive, and automatic transmission. Its stylish design with a 2.5L cylinder engine keeps it a spacious sedan for a sporty feel. Moreover, it is a luxury car having console features of leather seating, moonroof, reversing camera, cruise control, and others. 


2- Hyundai Elantra 


Hyundai Elantra is rated as one of the best sedans in the market nowadays. It is a compact sedan that has attention to aerodynamic designs and a powerful engine. Elantra is a 5 seater drive with an automatic transmission with a great 1.6L engine. However, it is a good-looking car that comes in two engine varieties that are 1.6 liters and 2.0 mph. Because of its power seating and wheel control, it is considered the best sports vehicle as well. If you are focused on aerodynamics, Hyundai Elantra is a luxurious car with cruise control, leather seats, and sun and moon roof. 


3- Toyota Corolla 



Toyota Corolla is also one of the most famous cars in Dubai. It is basically a Japanese brand that has ruled the world for so many years and keeps improving day by day. Toyota Corolla is famous for its fuel economy, classical looks, interior spacious space, and reliability. It is powered by a four-cylinder 1.8 L engine and all of the Corollas’ are equipped with the modern and latest technology. Some of the modern corollas have Hybrid technology that is perfect for the stop-start hour's commute and long-distance travels. Its main features may include lane-keep assistance, automated emergency braking system, automatic high beam, and many others. 


4- Mitsubishi Pajero


This car is considered one of the best-selling cars in the UAE because of its numerous features. It is one of the famous and most wanted desert riders as it offers a balance between its fuel efficiency and has strong off-road capabilities that make it unique too. It has a powerful engine of 3.5 L V6 and it can hit the dunes and drive in the deserts without compromising on anything due to large space and 4 x 4 drive features. 


5- Nissan Maxima 


Two Nissans in the top list of the best cars? Well, Nissan is worth it due to its extraordinary features and impressive looks. Nissan Maxima is popular for its beautifully designed and large size sedan having an automatic transmission and 2 wheel drive. It has a powerful 6 cylinder engine and a luxurious model. It has amazing features like a navigation system, parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, paddle shifters, sun and moon roof, and bird's eye view. However, it has an unmatched and dissimilar price point for the features it offers. In addition, Nissan also has Door to Door navigation, so that you can add the directions that move from your smartphone to the touch screen of Maxima without any difficulty. 


6- Toyota Camry



Toyota is one of the biggest automakers in the world not because of bringing new and innovative vehicles into the market, but the modern features and technologies added to their cars. The cars that are made by Toyota are not economically fit but also reliable, having terrific safety features. Toyota Camry is one of the most popular and best-selling vehicles in the city of gold. It is a prime car that is used by hundreds of taxi operators in the city. You can get a used Camry car in Dubai from 45 to 60,000 AED. 


7- Chevrolet Camaro


This car is the bumblebee of the automotive industry having a powerful V8 coupe engine, along with 2 wheel drive and automatic transmission. Chevrolet Camaro has power steering and steering wheel controls. The best thing about this amazing car is its Magnetic Ride Control technology that can read the road and modify damping in about 10 to 15 milliseconds. However, its other features may include reversing cameras, keyless start and entry, console features of paddle shifters, and cruise control. 


You can buy or rent any of these cars in Dubai. But, if you are in Dubai as a tourist, you can get any of these cars at a much less price. You can get a quote from Cheap Rent a car Dubai companies to get your dream car without costing a bank. 




Some of the best and top-selling cars in Dubai are given above. You can buy these cars from the city of gold while keeping in mind your needs and requirements. As ex-pats can also buy luxury and used cars in Dubai and sell them before they are leaving the country. This opportunity is open for all people whether residents or ex-pats for used car buyers in Dubai.