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What Do I Wear a Harness Bra With? Body Harness Accessories Make Your Gorgeous

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Wearing conventional and relaxing underclothes can get boring. That’s the reason we are permanently searching for surprising and exceptional underclothing patterns. Marie Mur’s bra harness presents strappy leather pieces which look amazing on women's body. 

Marie Mur adds something fresh to your daily look. We offer a wide range of harness bra, straps, and accessories for women to your taste. Searching for a perfect black bra? There, you can get attractive and extraordinary, but still cozy pieces relevant for both day-to-day and exceptional occasions. 

You can wear these chain pieces with any of your daily outfits. It will go perfectly with plain blouses, T-shirts, dresses, and jeans. It’s a nice accessory that would match anything! Harness bra is not just a spicy detail in your underclothing, but also a great way to make your outfit more interesting and get a feeling of assurance.

Comfortable and Beautiful Accessories for Every Women

The leather chest harness is a peculiar kind of supplementary. Smaller, more conventional selections will make it a cool option to spice up any look. And if you are searching for an accomplice for a particular occasion, you may opt for more daring designs. What’s more, a set of string pieces will make your nighttime with your partner even more striking.

Various types of shoulder straps are available on All are exceptionally high quality and carefully destined for your ease. Each detail in the series focuses on how charming your body is. You don’t have to worry about the straps hurting you. We use authentic flexible leather that goes nicely even with a bare body.

There is an opportunity to fix the sling bra to make it perfect for your shapes. A shoulder strap bra is a captivating supplementary, allowing you to be comfortable. So, you don’t feel like you’re being trapped in a cage. The piece helps you to enhance your fantasy figure and give you a sense of freedom.

How to Pick the Correct Piece?

There exists a great misunderstanding that you should have on a sling bra only in the bedroom. A carefully fashioned and carefully chosen piece can be worn as an appealing supplementary. 

To enjoy wearing the intriguing pieces, these aspects must be considered:

  • Size. You can find an exclusive selection of any size. Yet, don’t place an order, look through the size guidance;
  • Excellence. The materials should be slick and tempting to touch;
  • Color. The most common one is black. It goes with any style and shade of skin. Yet, you can encounter many other shades too;
  • Quantity of straps. Tastes differ. So, somebody may appeal to straps while the others like minimalism.

Our online shop is the perfect place to get your spicy bra or to get the latest pieces to your selection of a leather chest harness item. An extensive range of diverse pieces of leather harness bra suits any of the challenging clients’ needs.