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Video: You Never Heard This Version Of The Star Spangled Banner

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CNBNews Editor's Note: To all those who wonder why we stand for the playing of the National Anthem take a moment to watch this film.

We would also urge all those athletes who do not stand for one reason or the other for the playing of the Anthem to also take the time to watch it.

If after watching it you still despise our National Anthem, Our Flag, Our Country, I would suggest you pack your bags and move out of the United States. Head to Canada or some other foreign country. And, if you need help packing left me know I be glad to lend a hand. 

Thank you to mona rose for posting the  video. Since it was first published in 2013 it has had 16,925,359 views ~Bill E. Cleary Sr. 


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A story of how our national anthem came to be. I was asked by someone to put a video together for this audio and upload it, so here it is. I was never expecting it to get so many views. Yes, I'm aware some info isn't exactly right. Please stop sending complaints. Like I said before, I was asked to upload it here. You can look up the accurate story if want the precise info. Here's a link to one of many sources for info on the true story: Hope you enjoy the message of this video though. God Bless America! P.S: Sorry about the typos in the anthem! *I don't own the audio or pics and the flag video that I used towards the end belongs to FarWestTexas.