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UPS Employment: From Part-Time Jobs to Full-Time Career


UPS (NYSE: UPS) is hiring at the following Philadelphia-area locations:

  • 301 E. Oak Ave. in Lawnside, New Jersey
  • 15 E. Oregon Ave. in South Philadelphia
  • 1 Hog Island Road at its PHL Air Hub in Philadelphia
  • 700 Blair Mill Road in Horsham

The jobs are part of a national hiring push for UPS, which is also adding 500 workers in Chicago, 350 in the Pittsburgh area, 250 in Syracuse, New York, and 150 in Baltimore, among other cities.

Hiring the Best Talent

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With full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment opportunities in international distribution networks and delivering to local businesses, it all starts with filling UPS jobs with talented individuals.

UPS employees are more than just busy bodies at work. Our diverse team is what UPS is built on, proven by our company's strong commitment to help employees further their careers within the company. Many deserving hires have transitioned from part-time to full-time in less than one year.

This means we're consistently training today's part-time employees to achieve full-time careers. Often, those who realize the potential of a career want to foray seasonal employment into a full-time job. It's a company where hard work and dedication is matched with support from the company.

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Training and Benefits

UPS invests about $300 million a year on training programs to assist in career advancement. We also encourage the advancement of educational goals, offering a program that allows you to earn $5,250 in assistance per calendar year of your college education, for those eligible.

Our unique foundation of promoting from within means that our workforce is comprised of a whopping 50 percent of employees who started as part-time. It's one of the many reasons that part-time employees earn a competitive benefits package.

Whether you're seeking an opportunity to turn into a permanent role, or wanting to be part of reliable team and earn extra cash during the holidays, you'll find that UPS has lots of paths to start your journey.

A Career Born from Seasonal Employment

Matt Myers is one example of a part-time employee who snagged a full-time position. He started as a seasonal driver, realizing the potential of a full-time career shortly thereafter. He was driven to show that UPS was the right place for him.  

Matt enjoyed being outside, meeting new people, and learning about his neighbors--all in a fast-paced environment. Quick "waves" and "hellos" during deliveries--a positive attitude and hard work--were enough to show hiring managers his eagerness to be brought on full time. There were transitions of loading and driving trucks seasonally, but he knew his time would come with perseverance and patience. Matt focused on the tasks in front of him each day, not looking too far ahead--two years later Matt's opportunity came.

His gratitude is shown through relationships with his customers and relationships with new drivers-- offering them tips and tricks about organizing trucks, customer support, and route efficiency. He says there's no way he could have learned the ins and outs of UPS operations on his own, so it's important to impart his knowledge to new drivers.

When it comes to advice for new drivers, Matt says to be aware of the pace you're keeping to ensure a successful day, all the while looking for kernels of knowledge from others who are part of the massive UPS operation. "At the end of a hard day--if it's something you want, it's that much easier."