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The Health Benefits Of Losing Excess Weight.

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As you stand there looking in the mirror, you're probably not happy with what is looking back at you. You have been trying to lose weight for some time now, but it's really difficult to make it all happen. Your doctor has already told you that your blood pressure is too high and your blood sugar as well. It's time you tried to take control of your eating and you need to start a new exercise routine. The difficulty of all this is that we don't have the time or the energy to take care of ourselves because we are so caught up in our jobs and taking care of our families. It can be so hard to change your day-to-day routine because it has become comfortable for you and it's difficult to change. However, change needs to happen and the only person that can take control of your life and make the changes that need to be made, is you.


We are not all the same and one diet that may have worked with your friends, isn't necessarily going to work for you. You need to take a weight loss DNA test to try to figure out why your body is acting like it is and why you're finding it difficult to lose weight even though you have been cutting down on certain fatty foods. Our bodies work differently and a particular food that you think might help you to burn more calories, might not be suitable for your metabolism. The only way that you can learn about these types of things is to have a close look at your DNA and then make decisions based upon that. Once you know and understand what it is that you are up against and the direction you need to go in, then you can start to enjoy the benefits of shedding weight and creating a new you.


1. You might get that pay rise - Believe it or not, but you might not be getting the pay rise that you have asked for because of how you look. It is a well known statistic that people who are heavily overweight make less money than their slimmer counterparts. I know this seems incredibly unfair and it must make you very angry, but sometimes the truth hurts. 


2. Your allergies may disappear - A lot of allergies are attributable to being overweight and not just because spring time. If you are overweight, your respiratory system and your adrenal glands have to work harder and these enhance allergy symptoms. Now that you are a little slimmer, you may be able to cut back on your medication and join that new netball team. Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 8.25.42


3. Your sex drive will get better - If you can lose some of your access when, then you will find that your body mass index was down, your sex drive will go up. You will no longer feel self-conscious due to a poor body image and this should help to increase your desires.


4. Work and life will seem easier - Due to the fact that you have slimmed down, many tasks in the workplace and in your general daily life will seem easier to do. You will not be expending as much energy doing the simple tasks and so life will seem a lot easier to you. This means that you can work harder than you might even get that promotion that you have been hoping for. To learn more about being a healthy weight, have a look here.


These are only four of the many benefits of slimming down and losing some weight. You will become a lot more active and your life priorities will begin to change. You will start to enjoy exercise and you will make many new friends.


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