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Republican Congressional Candidate Blast Biden Administration for Stopping Annual Tribute

Lake Hiawatha, NJ/May 11, 2021 - Today, Hillery Brotschol, Republican Congressional candidate for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District condemned the refusal of the Biden Administration to allow the Rolling to Remember Ride on Memorial Day.  This is the first time in thirty years that the three - day event capped by a massive motorcycle demonstration ride raising awareness for 80,000+ unaccounted for POW/MIAs & national veteran suicide awareness has been canceled.  Brotschol condemned the silence of Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, herself a veteran regarding this snub to our brave veterans and their memories.  

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“The Biden Administration seems to want to cancel any patriotic event they can from fireworks at Mount Rushmore to the Rolling Remember Ride for our brave veterans who are still missing,” said Hillery Brotschol.  “It is shameful that Mikie Sherrill remains silent on the Rolling to Remember Ride, yet that seems to be her standard operating procedure when it comes to dealing with our veterans or standing up for New Jersey’s Eleventh District.


Hillery Brotschol is the new generation of young Republicans committed to fighting to preserve our Constitution and stop the progressive socialist movement.  She has often been called the “Good Hillery.”

Hillery is a lifelong resident of Morris County and a graduate of Montclair State University. Her unique background, which can attract young voters, includes being an award-winning screenwriter, film producer and a proud union member.  

Like Ronald Reagan, Hillery spent most of her adult life as a registered Democrat and realized that the Democratic Party left her and that they are a party of special interest groups and socialist progressives.  

Hillery is running for office because she refuses to allow the people of the 11th District to be bullied into silence and submission by a Congress that does nothing but vilify those who dare to disagree.