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Relaxing Serenely: The Search for the Perfect Mattress 

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When you enter a store full of mattresses, you will undoubtedly be bombarded with a salesperson that's trying to sell you the most expensive product on their stock. These mattresses may have enticing words added to them so that buyers would think it's a good mattress. 


These clerks may tell you lies and make you believe that a product has life-changing advantages. But beware that not everything that these paid salespeople are telling you is accurate; most of the time, they want to sell. 


So how will you know if a company is telling the truth? You won't know this until you do your research. Read the information below about mattresses so that you know what to look for:


The Different Types of Mattresses 

Finding the best mattress for you can prove difficult if you don't know the types that best suit you, but you can do your research and go to websites like Newsweek. On this website, they compare the most popular mattresses today. You can trust websites like this because they explained the pros and cons of a bed in specific detail. 


Before you proceed to Newsweek, here is a short description of the four types of mattresses that are on the market:



If you haven't heard of polyfoam mattresses, it's a combination of petroleum and synthetic with harmless chemicals. When poly foam mattresses first came out on the market, almost everyone tried to buy them. If you share a bed with someone, it can limit the vibration and movement that you'll be able to feel in a regular mattress.


Memory Foam 

The complaint of those who use memory foam is that it traps heat. It's because the foam has to be dense to support and mold your body. The density of the mattress limits the airflow and causes the temperature to rise. Suppose you live in an area where it's constantly snowing, like Switzerland. In that case, you can opt for a mattress that will keep you warm throughout the year.


The benefit of purchasing a memory foam is that it's resistant to allergens and dust mites. It can help improve proper spine alignment and lessen the stress in your body.



A latex's material is commonly mistaken for memory foam because both of these material offer its users relief from pressure from the day's stress. It can also contour the body, offering support. Still, memory foam is the better choice if you want a much better contour and support for your body. 


Although latex retains lesser heat, and it has a bounce effect that memory foam doesn't have. So when picking, it's just a matter of preference, if you are a person who has lots of heat when sleeping and if you want a bouncing effect or not. 



As compared to memory foam, gel mattresses are infused inside the foam. As a result, it's much more remarkable. If you live in a country where summertime is unbearable, opt for a gel mattress since it will likely stay cool while you're sleeping.


Things to Think About:

You indeed have a wide array of options and materials to choose from, but you don't know where to start. Don't worry; read the information below not to be overwhelmed with making a decision.


Level of Comfortness 

How do you want your mattress to be firm or plush? There will be an indication of the level of firmness in stores, but know that this is different from store to store. The bottom line is you have to try out the mattress yourself to determine if you like it as you can be confused between King Mattress vs Super King on what to choose between them two.



Your Sleeping Position 

You should tell a clerk what your usual sleeping position is, whether you move around frequently or if you sleep on your stomach, side, front, or back. Knowing this information will help you make your list of options much smaller, and you'll be able to make the decision much quicker. 



Imagine this, it's summertime, and you have heavy comforters, a mattress that traps heat. The air conditioning is not enough to make you relaxed. Won't that affect the quality of your sleep? Remember that if you don't sleep well, this could affect you the next day, e.g., headache and tiredness throughout the day. If you're a person who likes to stay cool throughout the night, opt for a mattress that has cooling technology.


Preferred Size 

Always choose a mattress size according to the amount of room you have. To make things easier, think about the space you have right now. Does the size make you happy? Are you satisfied with it? If yes, then get the same size or a little bit bigger. If you and your partner are fighting for space, consider a California King-sized bed so that there will be enough space for both of you.  



If you think that no mattress is perfect for you, that's wrong because there's something for everyone in the market. You have to search hard enough! Don't fret because the information above will make the mattress that you want more clearer.