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Michael W.Bull, Pennsauken School District Guidance Counselor

Pastor Steffie Bartley Releases Statement on the Firing of Sara Erwin 

NEW JERSEY (May 5, 2021) — National Action Network’s North East Regional Director Pastor Steffie Bartley released the following statement on the firing of Sara Erwin from the Hopewell Township Police Department for her statements regarding Black Lives Matter Protestors:

“I applaud the Hopewell Township Police Department for denouncing the reprehensible actions of former officer Sara Erwin and for expeditiously terminating her from the department. There is no place in the department for hateful rhetoric when we should be fostering unity and community-police relations. We are going to continue to monitor the changes within the department to address racial inequality and sensitivity. National Action Network will continue to work with local departments, advocates, activists, and clergy to continue to reform the New Jersey criminal justice system and hold officers accountable.” 


About National Action Network  

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