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New Jersey Police Officer Unjustly Fired for Calling BLM "Terrorists"...

 Raises Money on
Sara Erwin, a 20-year veteran patrol officer, was terminated for calling BLM protesters “terrorists”
Washington, D.C. – A veteran New Jersey patrol officer who was unjustly fired for exercising her First Amendment rights is raising money on as she evaluates her next steps. Sara Erwin, who had served with distinction in the Hopewell Township Police Department since 2001, was fired on April 30 over a June 2020 Facebook post where she said that Black Lives Matter protesters who rioted in the wake of George Floyd’s death were “terrorists.”
“They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die,” Erwin wrote at the time.
A second officer, Mandy Grey, was demoted and suspended for six months for merely replying to a comment Erwin’s post. She is also participating in the fundraiser with Officer Erwin, both of them the latest victims of woke cancel culture’s appetite for appeasement.
“This is beyond unreasonable. To terminate someone for expressing their rights as an American almost a year after the fact is not only heavy handed, but clearly an attempt to pander to the woke mob out of fear,” said GiveSendGo cofounder Heather Wilson.
Mrs. Wilson and her brother, fellow cofounder Jacob Wells, said that too many Americans are remaining silent on their opinions out of fear for reprisals like those experienced by Officers Erwin and Grey.
“We’ve come to the point in our country where there is a climate of fear. Big business, police departments, and sports have all become terrified that what happened to Sara and Mandy will happen to them if they don’t immediately stamp out contrary opinions. We’re a country that is supposed to respect a diversity of opinions, and the day we stop is a sad day indeed for our civil discourse,” said Mr. Wells.