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Inter-State Removals: 101

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As we develop as a society, distance is no longer the obstacle it once was and with the emergence of the digital nomad who can work where he pleases, long-haul relocations are on the rise. It isn’t a simple thing to pack up all of your personal possessions and transport them to the southern states and if this is something you are planning to do in 2021, here are a few tips.


  • Make Good Use of Digital Solutions – Finding long-distance movers in NYC is easy using a search engine like Google; make sure you go with an established outfit, one with many online reviews and the resources to handle the project. Browse potential providers’ websites and pay attention to federation membership; this is a sign of credibility, while awards are also handed out in the removal sector.
  • Choice of Transportation – You could have a couple of sea containers on a big rig truck, which would head directly to your new address, or you can have it flown down to LA, while a sea trip to SF is another option. The removal company would list all the options, along with cost, which makes it easy to make an informed decision.
  • All-Inclusive Price – This is a must; make sure the contractor actually writes this on the contract, otherwise you might be invoiced for more than you previously agreed. Most reputable long-distance removal companies would have no issues with this, as they are very customer-focused.
  • Fully Insured – This is essential, as even the best in the business can encounter accidents, and should something valuable get damaged, you are fully covered. You might get a lower quote from the one-man show with his own truck, but should something go wrong, you might end up losing thousands of bucks. If you are still searching for the ultimate pillow, click here.
  • Packing – Unless you absolutely must pack stuff, leave it to the professionals that use the best packing materials and you’d be surprised at how much can be stored in a 40ft container. All non-essentials can be pre-packed and when the day of the move arrives, most of the packing is already done. Professional packers have their own unique color codes and labels, which makes unpacking a breeze; boxes are automatically placed in the right room, ready for the start of turning the house into a home.
  • Online Reviews – These are the best way to make sure you are dealing with a company that provides a 5-star service, and a company with a few hundred 5-star Google reviews must be doing something right! Those with great scores will obviously broadcast the fact, so keep your eyes on online review programs, of which there are many. A customer review posted on a website cannot be verified, yet when a company uses a well-known online review platform, they have no control over the reviews in any way, shape or form. Here is a link on how to get reviews on Google, which is worth the read.

If you take the above information into account, the relocation will be an enjoyable experience and you are ready for the next chapter in an exciting life.


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