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How much does a livable shed cost?


As technology moves forward, we've found ourselves seeing fewer smart houses being built. This is for many reasons; the cost of living in a smart house, the power bill, having to repair what is in your home immediately because if one thing is broken, everything else is too. But those things aren't the only Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 11.36.24 reason why people aren't buying and building smart houses. Another major reason is that no one needs all that room.


Most people these days are happy with a small room to call home at the end of the day. So, let me introduce you to the new trending home: Shed Homes.


What is a shed home?


A shed home can mean many different things, but mostly it means that it is a home that is made from shipping containers. This might sound a bit strange, but trust me on this, it is a very unique, and livable, situation to find yourself in. The home is cut and smoothed to look just like a normal house on the inside and the outside, but it is made entirely out of shipping containers like the ones that you would see on the dock in your favorite action movie.


How many rooms can you have in a shed home?


You can have as many rooms as you want. Since this home is made out of shipping containers, you can easily place and install new rooms whenever you want. The best part is that you don't have to block off an entire section of your home for days and days when you are adding a new room. The container, or shed, will be cut and built off-site. When it is time to install the new room, all you have to do is give up a single day to have that room installed properly.


Are there are benefits to having a shed home?


Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 11.36.50
One of the biggest benefits of living in a shed home is that you have the opportunity to add on or take away rooms as you need to. They are completely customizable, as long as you can afford the remodel. It is also a lot more secure and reliable than a regular home because rather than having wood surround you, that could eventually break or rot, you have metal that is solid.


There are also a lot of benefits like no more losing the air in your home to lose roofing or window seals, little to no leaks from a bad rainstorm, and plenty more.


How much does it cost to have one built that you can live in comfortably?


Depending on the material that you choose to have your home built out of, I mentioned it was made of metal but there are other material options available to you, you are looking at a range of prices. The cheapest shed home you can buy and have built is around $7K. This price isn't bad, but you aren't getting much with it.


The more you spend, the more rooms you are going to have and the nicer the material will be.