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Good News for Gloucester Township Residents....Overall Crime Has Drop Significantly

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Gloucester Township, New Jersey is pleased to report that the overall reported criminal offenses (overall crime) have dropped by 12.26% from the previous year. Violent crimes also dropped 15.63%, making the great community of Gloucester Township an even safer place!
A safe community is a great community. Gloucester Township Police Department is committed to serving our community to make it as safe as possible! While we are pleased with this crime reduction – we are not yet satisfied! We are committed to improve and find better ways to solve problems so that we can make Gloucester Township even safer for all of our residents! I want to personally thank the community for the strong support the men and women of the GTPD have received over the past year – we are committed to being servant leaders to our community!” said Chief David Harkins.
Mayor David Mayer also thanks the residents of Gloucester Township for providing unwavering support for our Gloucester Township Police Department and appreciates the good work that they have accomplished throughout the pandemic!