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Elevator shoes can help improve your confidence

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Elevator shoes are often more comfortable because they have increased padding to increase height. The increased padding means that your feet are often more comfortable. Since the padding is located inside the shoe rather than the heel looking stacked, people often do not know that you are even wearing elevator shoes. You can feel more comfortable physically and emotionally in social situations. 



These shoes have come a long way from platform-style shoes of yesteryear. Now, guidomaggi elevator shoes are stylish and trendy, along with giving you more confidence. You can find boots, dress shoes, and even sneakers with extra padding for elevator shoes. Some elevator shoes are even more trendy than their traditional shoe counterparts. 


Draw Less Attention to Orthopedic Challenges and Correct Imbalance

Since they are so trendy and look like any other shoes, you can often even the height of your legs without looking like you are wearing special shoes. You may feel comfortable in your own skin, but walking can be uncomfortable when you have orthopedic issues. These shoes are sometimes used therapeutically to help with the comfort of walking for people who are suffering from these issues, but you can also blend in with everyone else if you just don’t want to draw attention to your differences. Some people’s legs are just slightly different lengths. They look as though they are standing off-balance to others. These lifts can help correct that imbalance as well. They can be used in one shoe and not the other giving the illusion of even height. 


Improved Self-Esteem

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are less than others because of your height. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can help improve your confidence, outspokenness, and self-esteem. It seems like such a minor thing to some people, but short people often feel self-conscious about their height, especially when it has cost them dates and respect in the workplace. When people do not take you seriously due to your height, you may begin to feel valueless and unworthy. Elevator shoes can help reverse those feelings. 


If you do not want to invest in elevator shoes right away, consider beginning with insole inserts. These insoles can be moved between shoes as necessary. You can test them out in a variety of situations, and no one will even know you have them in your shoes. You can put them in the same shoes you have been wearing to work or the gym. These insoles can also be removed if you do not feel the situation will benefit from added height. 


Final Thoughts

Elevator shoes will not solve all of your problems. However, they can make you feel more confident when applying for jobs, speaking to clients, or asking others for dates. You can feel more confident in social and business situations, which makes you more attractive to others. We are sure that the added height will add self-esteem and confidence. Elevator shoes can also be good for your posture and physical health, which will also improve your self-esteem and confidence. Give them a try. You may love them.