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Congressional Candidate Harold Earls Responds to the Upcoming Federal Unemployment Opt-Out in Georgia


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Harold Earls, his wife and two children (photo provided)


ROSWELL, GEORGIA —a Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, announced the state will be opting out of the federal unemployment benefits that were put in place to help those whose jobs were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Harold Earls, Candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District added: 

“I recently sat down with business owners in my district and talked with them about who their biggest competitors are. The immediate response of ‘the federal government’ was overwhelming. Our businesses are struggling because the Biden administration is encouraging a ‘hand-out’ society. It’s rife with corruption, and the by-product is a new non-working class.

I believe that the Governor’s decision to opt-out of the 300 extra dollars a month of federal unemployment will encourage those not working to actively seek out new employment and in turn, keep our local economy moving. 

Our local businesses are struggling and it affects ALL of us. 

Without people working, businesses are unable to run. Without successful businesses, services are unable to be provided. Without services being provided, money is unable to be gained and cycled back into our economy. It takes every Georgian working together to allow our community to thrive. This opt-out is a step toward our prosperity.”