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United Kingdom – There was no better time for Tony Ankers to release ‘Enemy Within the Gates: The Secret Cabal and the Destruction of The West’. Untitled


After all, the world has spent the last year believing the so-called “truth” about Covid-19; its origins, geopolitical response and the supposed vaccine that will heal humanity. But as Ankers knows, it’s yet another fabrication on the part of a secret cabal that has been controlling humanity for over a century.


While it might initially sound far-fetched, Ankers presents his findings with fact, unambiguous evidence, over 1,000 footnotes, and over two decades of trying to prove himself wrong.



“I lived in the US for many years, leaving in 2012 at a time when social discord had never been higher, and many felt their own Government didn’t support them,” explains the author. “And they are absolutely right. However, the problems are not confined to the US; the entire western world is controlled by the same cabal. This might sound implausible, but my book lays it all out, logically and with clear fact.”


Continuing, “Everything came to light in the year 2000, when I embarked on a master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University. My theory slowly began to unravel, and I have spent the last two decades testing it, scrutinising it and trying to prove myself wrong. However, the evidence has just become stronger. I started to see the world differently, and now want readers to do the same. After all, this is the reality we live under – and it’s not going to change unless we take action. Knowledge is the cure for Covid, not the vaccine!”


The author has an MA in international affairs from Columbia University in New York and works as an international security consultant.


Editor and contributor Barry J. Fenton is an international businessman with a BSc from Imperial College, London; and an MA in Western esotericism.


‘Enemy Within the Gates: The Secret Cabal and the Destruction of The West’ is available now:


For more information, visit the official website: