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Benefits of Working With A Corporate Event Planner

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With Covid almost behind us, many businesses are now thinking about organizing live events for 2022. So many people are hungry to get back to networking and discovering new trends in their industry which is why this is a great time to start planning an event.

However, producing such an event can be an overwhelming and tedious task. There are many factors that you are going to have to address such as the venue, entertainment, keynote speaker, guest speakers, marketing, staging, and so on. This is why it is important to work with an event planner.

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planning is vital to those companies that aim at revitalizing their business and improve employee and customer relations. Although corporate event planning is not a new concept, it reemerges as the U.S. economy goes through recessionary times as a way of boosting profitability and increase business in organizations that need to regenerate income. 

Firms organize corporate events to enhance communication between organizational members at all levels as well as between the company and its customers to ensure long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships with their target groups.

Handling Large Audiences

Event planning services are important during corporate conventions mostly because conventions are attended by many people. Presentation, receptions, and corporate events, all are attended by a large amount of people who are back and forth during the event, attending many different activities. All these activities have to be well planned and naturally managed so that attendees are satisfied and consider coming again to a future convention organized by the same company.

Working With Speakers Bureaus

Another reason why it is important to work with an event planner is because they already have established working relationships with many of the public speaking bureaus and agencies. This means that they have negotiated prices on keynote and guest speakers and have also learned how to handle the booking process which can be quite tedious.

According to Dan Smith of, “Many organizations lack the apptitude that is involved with hiring a professional speaker which makes the overall process stressfull and overwhelming. Having an event planner who has already dealt with the process can make things much easier for the organization putting on the event.”

Finding A Venue

Event and convention planners are responsible for finding suitable facilities where the event will take place, usually hotels, and convention or conference centers. The aim is always to find a place that can combine business with pleasure offering a lot of space and superior services that can meet the attendees' needs. 

Another important factor when selecting the site is to be close to a major airport in order to facilitate the access for those attendees that travel long distances.

Once several sites are selected, event planners are responsible for sending out their proposals stating the convention dates and summarizing the organization's needs for the convention. This step is particularly important because it includes needs in accommodation, catering, meeting and exhibit facilities, audiovisual equipment, transportation and so on. The collection of multiple offers from different venues facilitates the final decision of the event planners who select the site that best meets the event requirements at the lowest cost.

Event Planning Is Risky

By default, event planning involves the risk of failing to meet attendees' expectations by hosting an unsuccessful event. “It can be very scary for many event organizers when producing such an event” says John Rogan of “The organization that hosts the event will have no return on investment and event planners put their reputation at stake too.” 

To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, organizations pay special attention to utilizing many event planning tools to help them be producitive and stay focused. Typically, organizations hire companies that are specialized in convention and event planning to ensure the smooth operation of a corporate event. 

Delegate The Risk to Event Planners 

Aiming at being professional and offering their best services to the people who attend the convention, organizations do not ask their employees to work overtime and carry out the required tasks. They trust the firms that have a specialty on planning events of all sizes and, in addition, oversee events themselves to make sure everything works properly to avoid any omissions or errors. In general, the event planning company is responsible for managing all the aspects of the event from minor details to basic requirements.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 12.49.09Set A Clear Goal & Objective

One of the main things you should do when working with a planner is to set a clear goal with regards to what you want to accomplish. According to Sean Adams of, “Setting goals is critical for any type of business conference to function properly. Without setting any clear objectives, it can be very easy for organizations to get lost in the details and lose their focus.” So before you hand everything off to your event planner, make sure you set benchmarks and clear goals.

Final Thoughts

Overall, event planning is a challenging business, especially when combined with an important corporate convention. However, when the planning and execution of an event is undertaken by experienced event planners, everything will go exactly as planned.