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5 Qualities of a Reliable Accountant

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Accounting is a pillar if you seek to run your business effectively. Also known as bookkeeping, accounting is the measure and survey of the financial status of a business. The data collected is, in turn, used to make essential business decisions.


Accounting is a massive task and, as such requires, accuracy and efficiency. The people handed the power to do this task are accountants. Your accountant should be someone adept in finances and reliable. Thus, finding a professional accountant or a firm such as Walker Hill Accountants is vital. It's not all about educational qualifications; here are some crucial qualities of reliable accountants:

Ethical and Trustworthy


Your accountant has to be ethical, diplomatic, and possess integrity. The ability to do the right thing and be open in his activities promotes trust and reliability. The backbone of the business is its accounts, precious information.


Accountants should always keep the information confidential and secure. A good sense of ethics and integrity also breeds collaboration and a healthy work environment. An essential character when it comes to working in a team or gaining a client's trust.

Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable


Accounting is broad and an aspect involved in different business industries. The foundations of accounting could be similar, but some industries require specific specialties. Your accountant should know the requirements and needs of your business sector. Finding an accountant committed to a particular industry is more attractive. It shows stability and interest to succeed in the business's niche.

Accurate and Detail-Oriented


Numbers and mathematics dominate accounting, and that comes with its pressures when it's about money. Your accountant should be calm, focused on details, and sharp when dealing with your finances. Slight mistakes or faults could cost your business financial losses. Ensure your accountant is accurate and always double-checks their work.

Flexible and Adaptive


In business, changes can happen very fast. Your accountant should always be ready for market changes and quick to counter them. The flexible nature suits your business to transition through changes smoothly.


Accountants must be on top of trends in the industries and adapt company strategy effectively. Flexibility is also characterized by an accountant's need to learn. Your accountant should always look to add to his abilities and acquire proper certifications.


Often ignored, another trait of adaptable accountants is their creative ability. Good accountants are quick and innovative in finding new solutions and ideas to arising issues.

Organized and Accountable


Accountants are essentially bookkeepers. They must ensure that any data and paperwork is well filed and organized. Organizational skills help get the most of productivity and instill a smooth work-system flow. It's also easier to retrieve data and numbers when they are structured well.

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The ability to own up to mistakes and work towards not repeating them is key. An accountable accountant is unlikely to be reckless in his work. Accountability breeds reliability and trustworthiness.


Accountants play an essential role in businesses. Having an adept, creative and knowledgeable accountant helps organizations soar. Watch out for the above qualities in search of a reliable accountant.