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5 Important Things You Should Consider When Buying Earrings


Earrings are must-have accessories for many ladies as they help in complimenting your dress code and look. However, there’s a variety of earrings on the market today of different designs, colors, and materials among others.


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So, you must be in a position to choose the best earrings among the many provided that will boost your personality and looks. Following are the important things you need to consider when buying earrings:

1. Your Face Type

Different face types have various earrings that are best fit for each. Well, if you have an oval-shaped face, you are lucky because it matches with any type of earrings but the oval-shaped ones give you a more striking look.

If you have a round face, you have to wear long geometric earrings because they are the best fit for your face plus teardrop and Dangle earrings.

Moreover, if your face is heart-shaped, long earrings with curves and lines work best for you, and for a square face, you can embrace hoop and dangling earrings with elongated designs.

2. Your Hair Length and Colour

You need to also consider your hair length and color and if you have golden or blonde hair color, you can wear gold earrings. If your hair is dark, then you should embrace either silver or platinum earrings. More so, for ladies with red hair, rose gold earrings are the best fit and Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 11.4.17
will give you stunning looks. 

Best of all, if you have short hair and your earlobes can be seen, you can wear any type of earrings. But for long hair, you need long earrings to appear through your long hair.

3. Your Skin Color

This is another factor that determines the type of earrings you need to buy. If your skin has peach or yellow undertones, copper and gold earrings look perfect on you. But if your skin has blue or pink undertones, then you should consider silver earrings as they will look fabulous on you.

So, check your skin color and buy earrings from the best jewelry wholesale online store that blend perfectly with it that will give you your desired look.

4. Your Style

You should consider your style before going for a particular type of earrings. If you love a romantic style, then choose earrings with curvy and rounded details. 

If you are interested in chick styles, then the best-fit earrings for you are those with straight edges, triangular and rectangular designs plus square geometric earrings.

Not only that, if you prefer the creative style, bright and sparkling earrings are the best fit. For a classic lifestyle, silver and gold pearl earrings, diamond studs and simple style hoops are ideal.

5. Consider Your Event

You need to put into consideration the event for which you are buying the earrings. This helps you to choose the perfect earrings for each particular event.

For a formal event, you need simple but classically elegant earrings like small hoop earrings. But if you are going to a wedding or a party, then you need shinning earrings with much detail.

Get the Best Earrings

Use the above tips to get your ideal earrings from the best jewelry wholesale online store that will give you your perfect look for the occasion.