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What is a VPN? Things You Should Know

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People often have no idea what is a VPN or why they need to use a VPN. A VPN, well expanded, Virtual Private Network is a network connection that is encrypted with the aid of software installed on your device or by running a stand-alone software. This network connection helps connect you to the public internet in a safe and secure manner. It helps avoid any information that is transmitted from your device from being misused by a third party that could gain access while the data is in transmission. It also prevents eavesdropping, snatching, hacking, rerouting of internet traffic, or any other form of unauthorized attack that could originate online.


Data Encryption

A VPN ensures that the traffic you send over the network to the website is encrypted between your device and the website server. Such encryption helps the data to remain private while in transit. Because of this feature, you can also connect your device to private networks like your corporate network using a VPN. 


Using a VPN creates a port at your device and opens up a port on the end of the server. These two ports are then connected to each other effectively forming a virtual tunnel that is used to transmit the data departing from your phone to the internet. This helps in maintaining complete and total privacy for you while you browse. 


This feature also helps you bypass any form of government restrictions that may be implemented by your government. VPNs are often used to bypass local restrictions on a country-by-country basis. 


Remote Shopping

Another feature you probably do not know about VPNs is that it can be used to shop remotely. In case you are away from your home and want to shop online and deliver to another place or a country, you can use a VPN to mimic the location as that particular country. This will help you get redirected to the ecommerce site that is available in that particular region.


Secure your Browsing while using Public WiFi

An amazing feature is that you can use VPNs to browse securely while using a public WiFi system. If you are an ardent user of public wifis like in cafes, coffee shops or train stations then VPNs are for you. Using VPNs ensure that you are connected to the public wifi and are transmitting data in an encrypted manner. This encryption on your data jumbles up your data such that man in middle attacks are next to impossible theoretically. This also helps prevent DNS hijacking, DDNOS and other internet attacks that could steal your valuable information that you enter online.



Using a good VPN service that meets your demands is important. It helps maintain anonymity while ensuring safety and security while browsing online. VPNs are packed with features and new systems and features are added to the list almost every day. A lot of service providers now offer a lot more than a barebones VPN server. Use VPNs and increase your safety and security while browsing online for information.