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Want to know the best free trading apps? Look no more!

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With trillions of dollars, in terms of trading volumes per day, the financial markets attract traders across the globe. It involves the participation of various players, and trading occurs irrespective of time zones.

The introduction of mobile platforms for trading has helped not only amateur but experienced traders as well. However, if you are new to the world of trading, then the idea of spending a substantial amount is understandably frightening.

The best free trading apps

There is a wide range of free trading apps that you can find in the market. However, what matters the most is the legitimacy and the quality of the services. You can first try out the free ones, and then when you feel confident enough, you can choose the paid apps. Check out the list of free trading apps that we have compiled for you.

  •         Freetrade

Are you searching for reliable best forex signals 2021? Well, then you can try Freetrade. It caters to the needs of investors in the UK and offers a wide range of excellent services. It is the user-friendly interface that makes it so popular amongst both newbie and experienced traders.

Here, you can participate in the ETF and $0 stock trading. Moreover, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

If you are new to stock trading, you can click the Discover section, where you will gain access to the seers. However, there are only two types of orders – market order and basic order. There is an opportunity for you to use the stop or limit orders. But, that is only possible if you join Freetrade Plus.

Apart from these attributes, the app offers excellent security features, including biometric analysis and two-step login. Moreover, the search function is actually impressive.

  •         Robinhood

One of the most efficient free trading apps is Robinhood. The app is safe and has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the design of the mobile platform is exceptional and attracts users. Here, you can trade in stocks and ETFs without any cost.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this trading app is the safety. The developers take into account the security of the traders very seriously. With the two-step log-in procedure, you do not have to worry about malpractices anymore. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor is a bonus.

Apart from this feature, you can gain access to different types of orders like limit, market, startling stop, etc. Here, you will get price rates and then confirmation of the order without any issues.

Since it only caters to US citizens, the available language is English. Lastly, Robinhood is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

  •         TD Ameritrade

With the acquisition of TD Ameritrade by Charles Schwab, the trading platform became an even bigger name in the world of trading. After some substantial efforts, TD Ameritrade now offers $0 stocks and ETF tradings. However, it will charge you $6.95 for penny stock trading and $0.65 for every contract of options trading.

Regardless of the type of trading, you prefer – options, day, or futures, the Thinkorswim desktop will assist you. Real-time data along with numerous charts will provide you plenty of information on the market. With more than 400 technical studies at hand, you can make lucrative trading decisions with ease.

Apart from these, live streaming and broadcasts offer the perfect education and analysis on the market. Here, you will also get daily commentary and assessment via the Ticker Tape. Furthermore, here you can get the auto trader feature, along with the opportunity to be a part of the community of traders. With this Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 8.35.27information, trading is now quite easy.

  •         Merrill Edge

If you have been in the world of stock and ETF trading for some time, chances are you have heard of Merrill Edge. Here, you can indulge in ETF and $0 trades. However, option trades will cost you $.65 for every contract, and there is no scope for penny stock trading.

Investors can gain access to a wide range of information to build up the investment portfolio. They can do so by accessing the website of Merrill Edge. Moreover, you can use the recently launched AI-powered dashboard, Dynamic Insights.

The mobile app of Merrill Edge is excellent when it comes to research. Besides, it is easy to use and offers a myriad of features. For instance, fingerprint recognition along with the face ID is a nice touch. Moreover, it is compatible with different mobile devices.

With innovative research tools such as Portfolio Briefing, Fund Story, Stock Story, you can now make profitable trading decisions.

  •         Fidelity

If you are looking for a top-rated free trading app, then Fidelity is the ideal choice. Both the mobile app as well as the website are user-friendly and offer the best trading experience.

The ETF and the $0 stock constantly offer value to the clients. Moreover, it does not charge anything for penny stock trading. Another appealing aspect is the availability of numerous mutual funds at zero expense-ratio.

The watch list on the website of Fidelity offers streaming quotes along with access to equity research with ease. Active Trader Pro users can also use the 22 drawing tools and numerous other charts and studies for researching the market. With the aid of the tools available, you can easily try day trading or options trading.

However, the most intriguing facet of Fidelity is its research arena. It offers a wealth of information and is a powerhouse tool for stock research. Moreover, Viewpoint offers an excellent market analysis which helps traders immensely.


There are multiple free trading apps that you can try. However, keep in mind that you must not make exact comparisons with the paid ones. It is understandable that the free ones might not have some specific features that the paid apps have.

For a newcomer, however, free trading apps are the best bet. You can make use of the information available and make well-informed decisions. After you understand the nuances of the market a little bit more, you can then expand your search.

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