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The US Women’s Most Favorite Sports

Sports play a significant role in any country’s culture. These days even the audience is essential. The percentages of women and men who watch the games are important, and there are many reasons behind it.


The latest development among sports viewers has been the increased numbers of women that watch sports. Many sports even have a larger female following than their male counterparts.

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In the US, women love sports. They either play professionally, or it’s an essential hobby to them. 


Basketball is among the top sports followed and loved by American women. The NBA and WNBA, where many teams fight to be amongst the best in the world, is among the favourite. The games are spectacular, leading to many women heading for the stands. 


Then women´s national US basketball team is one of the most successful teams globally. The reason behind this is not good looks but a stealth performance. The team has won eight out of ten Olympic tournaments. This alone has smashed down the notion that only men’s teams are capable of such success.


As a result of basketball’s vast popularity, it has become the most popular and most wanted entrepreneurship area.


The US women’s soccer team has become just as popular as the men. It comes from the extreme performance and effort the team puts in each game to beat their opponents and leaving their mark in soccer history.


The team has also alerted the world and shown everyone how the US women’s soccer team can get to the headlines by working hard and winning constantly.


In 2019, a book, ‘The National Team: The Inside Story of the Women Who Changed Soccer’, was published to honor and celebrate the women’s national team’s efforts. Another book on the same subject, ‘Girls of Summer: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and How It Changed the World’, was published twice in 2002 and later on in 2020. The latest publication was able to get Netflix’s attention, and the media giant has plans to release a movie based on the book.


Documentaries about the team have helped raise awareness among American women and encouraged them to watch and support soccer more and more. Today, it’s among the most followed sports in the news.


Serena Williams is a famous and world-known tennis player who has won dozens of times during her career. Her playstyle in the matches she plays and the techniques she uses are praised and admired. 



Williams has embraced a strong female athlete’s role and has inspired countless women and girls who dream of achieving something big one day. She has won 23 Grand Slam titles and is known as the world’s best tennis player.


Though, Serena Williams is just one of many women athletes in US history who have affected the women audience. She has taken part in many advertising campaigns of big brands, which have created a bigger buzz around her and have inspired countless women. 


Hence, some of the most memorable sports events in US history have been achieved by women – and they are the moments they get to cherish and remember for the rest o their lives.



Even this part of sports has caught the eye of interested people in investing than the people involved. This probably comes as a result of various players’ and teams’ growing aspiration to become famous. Tennis has become a profitable business and this also leads to more awareness of the sport and motivates players to collect more and more wins and trophies not only for the country they represent but also for themselves.


The reasons behind why women increasingly follow sports and why specific sports become womens’ favorites vary. One of the reasons is those female players are offered more opportunities to play as contract-signed professionals. This is undoubtedly a primary reason why US women’s interest in sports is significantly on the rise.

What Did We Learn from All This?

Women especially love to follow many types of sports. We listed just a few of them, which have gained popularity in the past few years and have attracted more women to the stadiums or either into their respected national or international teams. These sports are valued higher and are not seen anymore as just a part of the Olympics.