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THE AMERICAN LEGION: Riders chapter not monkeying around

The American Legion

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On April 10, a group of Riders set out for a 100-mile ride in support of The American Legion’s second annual 100 Miles for Hope. The fundraiser encourages regular activities to promote fitness and mental well-being while raising donations for the Veterans & Children Foundation.

“We’re looking forward to a good ride like we did last year,” said Michael “Monkey” Killian, a member of Chapter 832, whose bike was adorned with a toy monkey, George, sporting last year’s 100 Miles for Hope tech shirt. “We enjoy supporting The American Legion and its goals. We’re raising awareness about what The American Legion is and showing that there are veterans out here supporting veterans causes.”


The V&CF has delivered more than $30 million in financial aid for disabled veterans and military families. Donations are used to fund accredited American Legion service officers who provide free assistance to veterans trying to get their earned VA benefits. It also provides grants via the Temporary Financial Assistance program to minor children of active duty or American Legion members.

Phil “Boats” Rice, also a member of Chapter 852, participated on the ride as well.

“This year we had to deal with all the COVID stuff. But people have come out to support, made their donations, or bought a shirt, hat, etc. I think it’s a great cause, bringing people out and doing something together. It’s a good thing and the charity goes to help our veterans and their families.”

This year, new gear is available at this Emblem Sales page for participants or others who want to support the foundation.  

Additionally, The American Legion has recently expanded the ways in which participants can raise donations to help reach the goal of $300,000 for this campaign. (Click here for full details.) In addition to requesting donations on the Kilter app, participants may now use their Facebook pages or ask for contributions to the charity through this online donation page.

The campaign began April 1 and finishes Sept. 6. There is still plenty of time to register, complete your 100 miles or activities, and support veterans and military families. To learn more and sign up, please visit this page.