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Starting Your Small Farm from Scratch


Nowadays, farming is rapidly developing, allowing people to make environmentally friendly and natural products for sale. Farming allows entrepreneurs to sell such valuable products as meat (pork, beef, poultry), dairy products (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream), eggs, vegetables, etc. In almost any city or village, there is a person who is involved in this business. Until recently, farming has started to thrive again and it brings huge profits to its owners. If you are among those people who are not afraid of challenges, starting your own farming business will be a good idea.

What Do You Need to Start Your Farm?

To organize your farm, you need to have the initial capital. It is also important to know the basic principles of its planning and development. You need to decide what exactly you want to do and what is most profitable. Currently, there are several types of farms: livestock, poultry, dairy, crop, bee farms, and others. Each of them is profitable in some way but requires different equipment. The latter should be regularly maintained, thus, take into account the tractor specs from here to foresee these expenses. 


Once the niche has been identified, you need to create a business plan. This step is essential because it is a must to calculate the costs of creating a farm, the payback period, and profitability.

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To assess the prospects of the project, the following points must be indicated in the business plan:

  • Start-up capital (own or borrowed);
  • Land (you can buy or rent it);
  • The cost of purchasing animals or crops;
  • The cost of building structures (cattle shed or a greenhouse for growing vegetables);
  • Equipment costs (milk pipelines, heating systems, etc);
  • Personnel costs (salaries);
  • Utility costs, taxes;
  • Marketing;
  • Net profit.

All these points will help you calculate the profitability of your future business.

Planning and Purchasing Equipment

Along with the purchase of feed, one of the most expensive elements of your budget is the purchase of equipment. Even though this is a small farm, equipment costs can be thousands of dollars. It is also crucial that after the purchase it must also be rationally arranged and installed.


The next point is the acreage of premises. The areas can be very different. If it is livestock or poultry farming, then the organization of cattle sheds or poultry cages will be mandatory. Individual feeders and devices for removing manure and garbage should be also installed here.

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The room should be warm both in winter and summer. The temperature during the cold period should not be lower than 290 K. For this purpose, a gas heating system is used; other options are also possible. It is necessary to ensure a constant level of humidity. The presence of drafts reduces the productivity of animals, especially egg production. Nevertheless, the room must be constantly ventilated and the lighting should be appropriate.


In Conclusion

The creation of your farm is not easy, but an achievable goal. Many areas of agribusiness do not require large expenses, and their payback comes within a year. The consumer demand for high-quality agricultural products is only growing, as well as your chances of creating a successful business!