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Judicial Watch: Will They Wiretap You? Adam Schiff’s Secret Subpoenas

They do whatever they want, take whatever documents they want from you … maybe they can start wiretapping you, who knows?”

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As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed Friday, Judicial Watch is fighting to overturn a recent court ruling which alleges the House of Representatives enjoys “absolute immunity from inquiries about the subpoenas” they ordered on Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Devin Nunes, and a number of other prominent conservatives. As Fitton explained, Rep. Adam Schiff committed “a radical abuse of the impeachment power [when] he issued secret subpoenas.” The attorney representing Rep. Schiff, who Fitton argues obtained the records by trampling on the Fourth Amendment rights of several U.S. citizens, recently argued that the court cannot be given the subpoenas due to possible privacy rights infringements. The Judge responded by stating:

“Well, I do think it’s, if not ironic, noteworthy that one of the interests you’ve just put forward is the invasion of privacy when the whole claim of Judicial Watch is that this Committee invaded the privacy of private citizens in the first place.” 

As Fitton observed, “the Pelosi/Schiff House asserts it has an unlimited government surveillance power and an unlimited ability to invade the privacy of any American with zero accountability and transparency.” “Those Fourth Amendment protections you have against unlawful search and seizure… Congress thinks they don’t apply to them.” Fitton concluded by stating:

“The courts should reject Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt cover-up of the unconstitutional subpoenas that abused the civil rights of then-President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, journalists and other American citizens.”

Judicial Watch’s Senior Attorney, James Peterson, is fighting in the U.S. Court of Appeals – District of Columbia Circuit to challenge what Fitton describes as a “disgusting abuse of power.” If you support safeguarding your constitutional rights against unlawful secret subpoenas, support Judicial Watch’s work today.