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How to Help Yourself With Difficult Homework During a Lockdown

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Thanks to COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic that resulted from it, lockdowns have become a part of our life. And if that wasn’t enough, students like you are having to deal with a ton of homework even when classes are online. You’re practically at home all the time now, and yet, the term ‘homework’ still seems to haunt you as always. 

Things don’t get any easier when the tasks you’re assigned are difficult to do. And due to the lockdown, you can’t even go out to a library or a friend’s place to discuss it. So to help you deal with difficult homework during a lockdown, here are a few tips.

Don’t stress yourself out

You’re probably stressed out about COVID and are having to deal with it as well. Hence, you can’t let your homework or assignment add to this stress. No matter how short the deadline is or how big and time-consuming the tasks are, you shouldn’t let them overpower you and make you feel anxious. 

Prepare a routine and start early

Irrespective of the volume of homework you have to deal with, it's always a good idea to make a routine or schedule. Plan an approach that'll help you get your work done on time without causing you any extra stress. Set deadlines for yourself so that you can ensure maximum utilization of your time. And whatever you do, don't delay. If your routine says that you have to do it by today, you must ensure it. Postponing your work will do you no good and instead, will mount additional pressure on your shoulders.

Besides setting up a routine, try to get a head start on your homework. That way, you'll have time to take more breaks between your homework sessions and relax now and then.

Understand the topic first, then go for the question

One of the main objectives of doing homework is to achieve a clearer understanding of the topic as well as the overall subject. Since you can't do physical classes, it can be a bit difficult to understand the topic. However, if you're taking notes properly during your online lectures, you should still be able to get a good grasp on most of them. As for the rest, you can always go through pre-recorded lecture videos or tutorials on YouTube.

Seek help from your notes and textbooks

Class notes and textbooks should be your primary source of information when it comes to working on your homework. Due to COVID, classes have shifted online. Hence, you need to know how to take notes during an online lecture if you want to utilize them later on. Besides, you should also study your textbooks to get a clearer idea regarding the topic. This in turn will allow you to provide more insightful answers.

Take the key points from your textbooks and use them in your answers. Avoid copying the text directly and instead, present their explanations with relevant examples wherever necessary.

Ask your parents or friends for assistance

Sometimes, the difficulty level of the homework can be so daunting that no matter how many times you go through your text or notes, you still can't manage to find a solution. Such drastic times call for drastic action, which is why you should consider asking your parents or friends for help.

Even if they can't help you directly or provide a straightforward answer to your questions, they can at least provide you a guideline on how to approach or find a proper solution. 

When it comes to seeking help from your friends, don't just copy their answers. This will get you, as well as your friends, in trouble. Instead, ask them how they approached the problem. Inquire about the way they structured their answers. Doing so will prove to be more beneficial for you than just asking for the answers directly.

Get help online

Given the situation with COVID and the fact that a lockdown is in session, you can’t arrange for a group study or consult with your tutor (at least not physically). 

Even through live conference calls, it can be difficult to get help with your homework. However, you can always get help from different homework assistance platforms like Homeworkmarket, where expert students and professionals are always ready to help you out. In this page, you can simply post your homework or assignment problem, and have a skilled individual help you out.

You could even Google your question and see what comes up. Although this method is less effective, it does open doors to a lot of different answers and opinions for you to study.