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How to Choose an Umbrella for Your Patio, Yard, or Garden?

Long-awaited warm days are coming, and it is high time to think about the shade. When the sun is shining, we still want to sit outside. In the article, we give the best tips on how to choose the right umbrella. We recommend how to enjoy the comfort of the shade for years to come.

Suppose you like drinking your morning coffee in your garden. Maybe, your family prefers to have Sunday lunch outside. With a patio umbrella Canada, it is easier to create a more relaxing place in summer. When a short storm hits, an umbrella above your dinner table is essential too.

Patio Umbrella

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Patio Umbrella

  1. The area you need to cover. It helps you to understand how big the umbrella has to be. 

Answer the following question:

  • Do you only need to cover an outside table? How big is it?

For a small table, a 6-7-square-foot umbrella will do. If you give summer parties in your garden for six and more people and possess a larger table, look at a 10-13-square-foot one. 

  • Do you need an umbrella for the sunbathing area? 

Then, probably, you will settle with a smaller option.

You are ready to decide on the diameter and height of an umbrella. 

The higher it is, the less shade it gives. Diving under an umbrella to plunge into a sunbed is fine. With the one that covers the dinner table, you need the edge of the canopy to go above the highest adult in the household.

  1. The way you fix it. There is a hole for fixing a small umbrella on some garden tables. But typically, you need a stand to fix an umbrella. The bigger and heavier the umbrella is, the more ballast weight the support needs. For the pool area, it is better to look for a stand with wheels.

  1. The opening mechanism.  It has to be reliable. Some umbrellas rotate to an angle.  You don’t need to move the umbrella around to hide away from the sun. You can adjust the angle of the canopy.

  1. The width and number of ribs. The more ribs the umbrella has and the more solid they are, the longer it will serve you. When there is heavy wind, a bad-quality umbrella can be easily deformed.

  1. Quality of the canopy fabric. The summer sun is harsh. The fabric has to have a special anti-fading treatment, as well as an anti-rain one. A serious supplier will give a guarantee on the fabric quality. Treated cloth is easy to wash too.

  1. Color of the umbrella. It is not only a matter of personal taste. Stylish dark shades pull more sun. Sitting under them on a hot day is less pleasant. Pale ones look very relaxed and summery but get dirty easily. So, bright and cheerful color is usually the best choice.

There are not that many things to consider. Don’t postpone it. The quicker your order your umbrella, the sooner it will arrive in your garden. And you will enjoy a glass of cold drink and a relaxed chat with your friends in its welcoming shade.