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Gloucester City Has A New Police Officer; Gloucester City Police Chief's Salary $195,000


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--Mayor Daniel Spencer administered the oath of office to newly hired Police Officer Nay’shon Obey recently. Obey will join a 30 member force at a starting salary of $59.457 plus benefits. Under the union contract, police officers are entitled to sick leave, medical insurance for themselves and their families, dental, eyeglasses, and prescription insurance. Plus the city pays for the officer to receive his college degree. 

According to the union contract between the City of Gloucester City and PBA Local #40 dated 2013 to 2017, a police officer with less than three years of service receives 144 hours in annual vacation time. An officer works 42 hours per week. As such in the first three years of employment, an officer receives 3 weeks of annual vacation. If Officer Obey works 23 years or more with the department he will receive 360 hours of vacation leave or 8 weeks and a few days. 

The 2013-2017 PBA Local #40 union contact listed the following information regarding sick leave for a city police officer.

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Recently two officers retired, Lt. Steve Burkhardt and Corporal Bill Lessig.

Gloucester City's police department was established in 1868 when the city was incorporated. In 1882 the city police department. consisted of William H. Banks Mayor and Chief, John Cavanaugh, janitor of city hall and in charge of the city jail. The policemen, who received an annual salary of $600, were William Byers, James Truax, Thomas Lenny, and Isaac Marple. Special policemen were Lawrence Calahan, James McMahan, Robert Cattell, James Gilday, James McMahan, Jr., and Thomas Kelly.

Gloucester City is a city in Camden County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was 11,456, reflecting a decline of 28 from the 11,484 counted in the 2000 Census, which had, in turn, declined by 1,165 from the 12,649 counted in the 1990 Census. 


Gloucester City in the Top 30 with the Highest; Brooklawn in the Top 30 with the Lowest

According to Govsalaries.com the number of full time employees at Gloucester City in year 2018 was 115. Average annual salary was $68,611 and median salary was $63,348. Gloucester City average salary is 46 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 46 percent higher than USA median.

Note: We were unable to find a copy of the PBA's current contract with the City online. However, a link to the 2013-2017 contract is below. 

Related: Collective Bargaining Agreement Between the City of Gloucester City and the Police Benevolent Association Local #40 January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2017

In other matters, the City increased the salary of the Chief of Police by Resolution on February 25 from $142,800 to $195,000 annually retroactive to December 1, 2020.

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Brian Morrell
Police Chief  and Business Administrator

Police Chief Brian Morrell was appointed city administrator in January to fill the position of the previous administrator, Jack Lipsett. Asked during a March interview who was going to run the police department, Morrell said, "A police chief from a nearby town once told me if you set your department up correctly it should run itself without you being there. I am very confident that the department will be fine. There are good people in charge. "

Lipsett was being paid $132,000 annually, plus benefits.

The salary for the acting Chief Financial Officer in the amount of $48,300 was approved. 

The City entered into a contract with International Fireworks Manufacturing to provide fireworks on July 3, at Johnson Blvd., Ballfields for an amount not to exceed $16,750. The contract with the municipal maintenance company for the GAC system was amended from $393,27900 to $532,974.

The engineering contract for the reconstruction of Filmore Street with Pennoni Associates was approved for the amount of $57,400. The contract for the reconstruction of Center Street with Gerald A. Barrett was amended from $216,534 to $$239,446.

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A sinkhole on March 18 caused a section of Charles Street to cave -in (above). Work has begun to repair the street.  It is not known at this time how much it will cost to fix the problem.  Nearby 7th Street will also be repaired because of the poor infrastructure in that locale.  Any time there was a heavy rainstorm on an extremely high tide the streets in that immediate area became impassable.  Those streets have been in poor condition for decades. (photo CNBNews)

On March 18 or thereabout a sinkhole caused a section of Charles Street to cave in. A resolution passed on March 25 by the council states in part, "A large sinkhole has developed on Charles Street due to the failure of the existing brick sewer. Further inspection revealed that the remaining existing brick sewer within Charles Street between 7th and Water Streets appears to be close to a similar point of failure and is in need of immediate repair.


At the January reorganization meeting the following professional contracts, which total $1,328,000 were announced. 

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The City entered into a professional service contract with Rutgers University to provide mental health services without bids in the amount of $4,867.

Awarded a contract to Municipal Software for the application server and maintenance support for Tax Office and Utility Billing Systems in the amount of $7,934.

Awarded a contract to Senior Citizens United to provided transportation services for one year for an amount not to exceed $28,000

Awarded a contract to Independent Animal Care Services for animal control and animal cruelty investigations in the amount $9,600.

Bryan Brennan was appointed a special law enforcement officer Class 2 for a period of one year at an hourly rate of $20.  

Tax title liens were filed against Christopher Zimmitt, 37 S. Burlington Street in the amount of $7,323, and Zagami Kimberly, 700 Market Street in the amount of $7812.

The city agreed to assign the city tax title liens against the property at 235 Willow Street to Zion Investment for the amount of $13,427.  The city also agreed to assign tax title liens for block 162, Lot 1 Champion Road to Artemio Rivera, IV for the amount of $1,692. And, the city agreed to assign the tax title liens for 405 Fillmore Street to Marks, W Bruce & Robin in the amount of $13,087.

Mayor and council authorized the sale of the city-owned properties listed below.

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