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Soon Another Traffic Nightmare for Travelers Coming and Going Through Gloucester City

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Klemm Avenue, one of the most dangerous overpasses in the US (May 25, 2013) The I-76 overpass at Klemm Ave. in Gloucester City, N.J. was named one of the worst bridges in 2013. The overpass was built in 1956. More than 191,000 vehicles use it every day, and $30 million has been earmarked for deck replacement

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (April 12, 2021)(CNBNews--Residents in Gloucester City will be dealing with traffic detours in the very near future as the New Jersey Department of Transportation has pushed up their time table for the construction of a third large road project for the connected 76/42/295 corridor.

The construction is beginning sooner than later because DOT is concerned about the poor condition of the Klemm Avenue overpass in Gloucester City. On May 25, 2013 CNBNews reported on its condition. 

The work is less than a mile north of the massive Direct Connect,

 42 Freeway calculates the cost of the full project at $175 million with the first $90 million portion for this year being the elevated roadway bridge in Gloucester City which crosses over Klemm Ave, Conrail Tracks and South Branch of Newton Creek

This is a wide stretch of road at ELEVEN lanes, plus THREE shoulder lanes.  Fourteen lanes total!  And the new roadway is planned to be even wider!

The full Rt 76 Bridge project(s) will replace FOUR large 76 elevated roadway bridges and decking over several years, and cost $175 million.  Basically the same as the new Missing Moves effort in Bellmawr.

This originally was one larger project set to start in a few years, but the recent request of NJDOT is to split it into three contracts so that 76 roadway section above Klemm Ave can be addressed sooner.. as in, this year!  This is due to deteriorating road and bridge conditions on the roadway over Klemm Ave.

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