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New Jersey owes $101.5 billion in public-employee retirement benefits


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CHEER--The Cold Springs administration and staff put together a well-organized and safe event for students. They met with families outside to thank us for our help and support throughout this school year and also gave each student a brand new book along with an Easter egg and visit from the Easter bunny. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves!


JEER--Gloucester City is one of the most depressed communities in New Jersey.   How can we afford to pay our public servants 60% more 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01b7c731d077970b than what our middle-class homeowners are earning?  We the taxpayers have become the servants who only exist to serve our public employees.  No wonder we can't afford any capital improvements that are gravely needed in town!!"


Gloucester City in the Top 30 with the Highest; Brooklawn in the Top 30 with the Lowest


Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 10.22.51Mayor Dan Spencer and Police Chief Brian Morrell 


JEER--Why has Gloucester City Police Chief Brian Morrell failed to publish the full weekly report on police activities?  When Mayor Danny Spencer came into office, he created a spirit of optimism and change by stating, "We're taking back the city."  He talked of increased transparency.  By most accounts, we seem to have an excellent police department. The next time you see either man ask him, 'Why the secrecy'?
CHEER--Gloucester City received $1 million-plus recently from the federal government's stimulus bill. Maybe this years' tax bill will actually go down. 
JEER--Once again Barnard Avenue is caving in. Besides numerous potholes, residents along that street have had to deal with driving over an even larger hole that was covered with a metal plate.  To top it off there is a circus barrel right in the middle of the street. Enough already; We Give Up!


CHEER--The Gloucester City Softball and Baseball coaches and volunteers along with coaches throughout the South Jersey area have done a great job starting off the spring season for the children in this community and others. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef026bdec8f82a200c.jpg



JEER--Barnard Avenue (right) has gotten considerably worse. There is now a steel plate covering a hole in the center of the street and a traffic barrel , orange and white in another spot. The center of the street has many collapsing holes forming as if the foundation of the road is washing away from under the blacktop. We have only been here for 23 years and never an improvement. Others on the street here for over 40 years say there has NEVER been any work done on this deplorable excuse for a city street. 



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CHEER--The Monmouth Street Business District looks very nice decorated with beautiful flower urns standing on the sidewalks on either side of the street. The flower garden near the railroad tracks looks great too. Hats off to those responsible. 

IMG_5458Gloucester High School football field (CNBNews photo)


JEER--We all know the $1.3 million being spent on a not needed astro turf field at Gloucester High School (above) is just another example of the Mayor & Council, and City Board of Education wasting the peoples money. As for all the trash laying about through the City if the Politicians don't care why should the residents these guys have surely let our good town go down the tubes.
CHEER--The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced $30.1 million in Local Freight Impact Fund grants that help counties and municipalities provide for the safe movement of 6a00d8341bf7d953ef022ad3cd4476200b-200pilarge truck traffic. In the immediate area Bellmawr received $1 million for the reconstruction of Hall Avenue and Heller Road and Gloucester City received $440,000 for improvements to Water Street. If there is any money left over Gloucester City could spend it on Barnard Avenue. 
JEER-- To stores and restaurants who have raised prices to unreasonable rates trying to make up for losses during this pandemic. Many others have suffered financial loses too during this time and cannot afford the price increases. You should be ashamed of yourselves letting your greed over ride common decency.

CHEER--Congratulations to  Sgt. William Eller #1442 on his retirement from the Gloucester City Police Department. Sgt. Eller is a graduate of Gloucester City High School, class of '85, and served four years in the United States Marine Corps. Following his military service, Sgt. Eller served with the Camden County Dept. of 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01156f35ab9e970b-320wiCorrections, Camden County Park Police and over 20 years with the Gloucester City Police Department. Sgt. Eller was assigned to the Patrol Division during his entire career with the department, during which time he earned numerous commendations and earned his Bachelor's Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. We wish Sgt. Eller and his family all the best in his retirement and thank him for his service to our nation and our community for so many years.



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JEER--Police Mayberry_RFDresponded to a residence in the 300 unit-block of Market St. in Gloucester City on Feb. 28 for a report of a home invasion and armed robbery. The victims told detectives two masked men entered the residence around 2:15 a.m. with guns pointed and demanded money and jewelry.  A home invasion in Gloucester City! If you grew up in this city in the 40s,50s,60s you would never think something like that could happen in our little "MayBerry" community. See article


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CHEER--The rest room toilets at the Gloucester City Marina look better than last year. However, the room could stand a coat of paint, and it would look much cleaner if the floor was scrubbed. A days work is all that is needed. Community Pride starts with those who are employed by the city and it includes our Mayor and Council. 
6a00d8341bf7d953ef02788020ac48200d-800wiLane Avenue, Gloucester City, regular trash placed at the curb on recycable day. The Gloucester City Housing Office has cited the landlord several times for violating the housing code. (CNBNews photo)
JEER--In my opinion the only way landlords and residents are going to stop putting their trash out long before it is to be picked up is by increasing the fines. Our poor city is definitely in a bad way. 

CHEER--Gloucester City is looking into the cost to repair the Johnson Blvd. Jogging Track. Brian Morrell, Acting Gloucester City Administrator, and Gloucester City Police Chief said, "A few weeks ago, Mayor and Council authorized the City Engineer, Pennoni, to review the condition of the tracks and make a recommendation for upgrades and repair. Simultaneously, the City is aggressively pursuing potential grants/funding opportunities to make the necessary repairs to the jogging track.  This has been identified as a priority project and is in the beginning design and funding phase. We are very optimistic there will be an opportunity to repair/replace the existing track in the near future."


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JEER--On March 20 there was a power outage that left most of Gloucester City without power for a few hours. 

CHEER--To the people who are unafraid to speak out against what they think is wrong. Wrong doesn’t become right because a lot of people like wrong better. Lowering the bar on what is acceptable doesn’t make what is wrong the new right. Accepting the “anything goes” mentality is leading humanity to ruin in my opinion. Having the courage to speak up against what you believe is wrong is worthy of a big cheer.


CHEER--White, Christian, Legal, Hetero-sexual, Law Abiding American males for their  tolerance  putting up with the demonizing from the left and other various radical groups. Saying so is no more racist or hateful than the other groups who ARE spewing racism, hate speech against them and getting away with it.


JEER--Stores using self checkout machines to replace real people working for greed and profit.  Using these self checkouts eliminates jobs that real people desperately need. It puts CUSTOMERS to work for the store doing the job themselves. Add to this, the customer  gets NOTHING for doing it. 


CHEER-- Huge CHEER to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for signing a bill that “Removes” the need for a legal gun owning citizen to have a carry permit to be armed and protected.


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