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Alleged Racial Incident Involving Juveniles is Being Investigated by GCPD


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (April 6, 2021)--The Gloucester City Police Department released a statement, April 5, about an alleged rumor being circulated on the social site, Facebook. 

The statement reads in part; 

"There have been some rumors on Facebook regarding an incident, involving juveniles, over the weekend. While we cannot comment on the facts of a juvenile matter, we would like to stress that the matter was, in fact, documented in a police report and it is being actively investigated. We cannot, and will not, discuss the matter on Facebook Messenger or through the comment section of our posts. If anyone has any information about the matter, please contact the Detective Bureau at (856) 456-7797.


Searching Facebook we discovered a post that was published by the sister of an 11-year-old boy, who, according to this woman said her brother was beaten up by teenage Caucasian boys from Gloucester City on Easter Sunday at a playground.  The playground was not named. 


The woman asked us not to publish her name or the photos of her brother even though her remarks and the boy's photo can be found on Facebook and have beeen shared over 1,000 times.  She said "I would like to just keep this how it is now. I don't trust anything that has to do with Gloucester City!! Sorry, no offense to you."


We asked the Gloucester City Police Department to release the police report that was filed pertaining to the incident, "even if you have to redact parts of it." 

Lt. Jason Flood, the spokesman for the department, said the City's Police Department rules and state law prohibits him from releasing any information about juveniles. 


"I am bound, by GCPD General Orders and State Law (2A:4A-60), from disclosing any juvenile records," said Lt. Flood. 


EDITOR'S NOTE: The matter became public information once the police sent out a press release. Likewise, the sister of the youngest that was allegedly attacked by the teens has publicized the matter on social media asking her Facebook followers to tag news media and to pass her story onto their friends.  We are still looking for further information. If anyone witnessed this incident we ask that you contact us via email at . Your privacy will be respected.