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7 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers Through Shorts


YouTube Shorts is a nice and easy way to connect with a much larger audience with just a mobile device. YouTube even provides you with a creation tool that makes it easy for you to customize your 15-second video to get more engagement as well as subscribers. If you are wondering about ways to increase your YouTube subscribers through YouTube Shorts then this article will help you a lot. So read on to learn some ways that will help you rake in more Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 12.26.22subscribers through Shorts.

  • Get in on viral challenges

The year 2020 was home to a lot of challenges like pillow challenge, flip the switch challenge, doodle challenge and many more. People used these viral challenges to increase their subscribers and get more likes on their videos. It's 2021 now but you can still use them to significantly boost up your subscribers and YouTube Shorts is the perfect way to do so. These brief yet engaging videos are enough to showcase your skills in a particular challenge and impress followers to make them follow you. You can even create your own challenge and nominate others to do the same. In case your challenge goes viral your YouTube subscriber count will take off with it!

  • Organize giveaways through Shorts

Youtubers organize giveaways to increase not only their subscribers but also likes, comments, shares and views. While most people use a normal video to do so, you can use YouTube Shorts to serve the purpose. By using Shorts, you are promoting your giveaway to a vast audience as people like brief videos which only carry the required information. Here’s what you’ll need to organize a giveaway:

  • Properly defined goals for your giveaway.
  • An appropriate prize to motivate your target audience to like, comment, share and subscribe.
  • Well-defined rules and guidelines.
  • Thorough understanding of YouTube’s promotional guidelines.

  • Collaborate with others

Collaborating with other YouTubers is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your channel organically without getting suspended by YouTube’s algorithm. You can collaborate with influencers who work with a similar audience and partner with them introducing yourself to your partners’ audience and vice versa. While collaborating, always remember that the more popular your partner is, the more subscribers you will attract. If you already have a decent subscriber count then you can approach a brand for collaboration. If the brand agrees they might even sponsor some of your videos in the future!

  • Optimize your video

YouTube provides you with numerous ways to optimize your video to gain users attention. First of all, choose an appropriate video title that tells the viewer what your video is about without being too long. You can also add text, music or relevant sound to your Shorts to make them more entertaining and appealing to the user. Adding the right sounds and trending music to your YouTube Shorts can even turn average content into something interesting, which makes it a good way to attract more views and subscribers even when the content is not exceptional. You can also use text to convey a message to your viewers in case your Shorts’ theme doesn’t require a person to actually speak. 

  • Go behind the scenes

It is a proven fact that people like to get involved in the video-making process and you can share some of those moments through YouTube Shorts. You can use Shorts to share the following:

  • Funny bloopers of your videos.
  • Brief introduction of the cast.
  • Sneak peeks of the set and various props used in it.
  • Some deleted scenes that didn’t make the cut.

You can share anything as long as it doesn’t spoil the upcoming video. This will give your channel a personal touch and will motivate more people to subscribe to your channel.

  • Discuss trending news 

Being a Youtuber has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the boons of being a YouTuber is that you can share your opinion and views on trending issues and news relevant to Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 12.25.46 your industry. This will not only allow your audience to gain a little insight into your mindset but will also let them know that they can count on you when it comes to gaining knowledge about the latest ongoings in the industry. If you are not an expert, you can collaborate with one and create Shorts containing useful information so that people can share it with their friends and family. Buying youtube subscribers is a new trend nowadays to maximum engagement on your channel. 

  • Host quizzes and share insightful content 

You can use YouTube Shorts to increase subscribers and engagement by hosting quizzes, sharing fun trivia or simply sharing some hacks on a weekly or daily basis. People love watching short videos much more than long videos as it lets them enjoy a number of different genres in a very short time. So try to create some interesting Shorts including quizzes, contests, reviews, advice and useful hacks on different topics pertaining to your industry or daily life and watch the rise in your YouTube subscribers in no time!


Now that you know how to increase your YouTube subscribers through Shorts, it’s time you start implementing them the next time you create a YouTube Shorts video. If you know some more ways to get more subscribers through YouTube Shorts then comment below and share with us how it worked out for you! 


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