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7 Steps To Create A Successful Dating App

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As many as 270 million people used dating apps in the world as of 2020, generating $3.08 billion in revenue for the industry. That is no small amount proving that more and more people depend on the internet for love nowadays.


If the statistics of the men who can find a wife online is anything to go by, getting a life partner from the internet is possible. That explains why more people sign up on the best mail order bride site to increase their chances of finding a life partner. So far, the success rate is high as these men find brides from different parts of the world.


But some men are looking at the business prospects of the dating industry instead of its romantic rewards. As already stated, the best mail order brides generate mouth-watering income for the platforms they use. If you also desire your mail order bride, register on existing dating apps but if you’re looking to make money off dating, creating yours is the ideal choice.


How to Create a Successful Dating App

Analyze the competitors 

Before creating a dating app, you need to do a market survey to know what your competitors are doing in the market. Check out the existing dating apps, their features, and how you could make yours better. Read dating app reviews, see what they are doing wrong according to their customers and what they are doing right and factor them in your plan.

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Periodically, Esquire releases a list of the best dating apps that exist. You can often see the same names making the top five list and essentially vying for the top spot. Those brands are the ones to beat if you are looking to create an app that stands out in the online dating market.


Pick a catchy brand name 

According to Tinder’s creator, he chose its name because it referred to the idea of lighting a spark (similar to what you have in romantic meetings). If you observe the app, it resonates with that name. It uses left and right swipes to create sparks between individuals seeking romance.

That is how naming your app should be. Your app’s name should be unique while representing its unique offering in the online dating niche. It should neither be bland nor difficult to pronounce; opt for witty but straightforward names that make your app stand out.


Nail your business model 

To ensure you end up with a successful dating app, nail your business model down from the start. What kind of business model are you offering? Do you want to provide free services to users for the first month, or would you prefer a trial period? You should determine the best approach for your brand before you start.

Some apps give free features but then add extra ones in a premium package that people could pay for if they want. Often, the argument of paid versus free dating apps will divide opinions. In the end, go for a model that attracts revenue while satisfying the customers in your niche.


Design an appealing user interface

If you are a web designer, or you would like to design your site yourself, start with the colors. What colors represent your brand and are still appealing to the customers? People want a dating site to feel welcoming and appealing.

Many customers claim that colors are the highest determinants of their preferred products. So, the UI’s thought process has to be spot on when creating your app. It has to make your customers feel like valentine and teddy bears. Also, ensure that your app’s interface is clean and easy to navigate as it lends to an overall excellent user experience when using it.

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Leverage algorithms

People depend on a dating site’s algorithm to make their search easy. Tinder works excellently because of its match-making algorithm. If you keep swiping right for the same kind of people, the app notes your preference and starts sending more similar people your way.

Using reliable algorithms in various aspects of your app will improve its user experience. You can match people based on location, work, age, behavior, etc. Your app’s algorithm may also leverage users’ preferences from answers given in a questionnaire provided upon registration.

Invest in the app’s security

Today, security and privacy are big determinants of how well users will adopt an online platform. If Facebook could come under fire for privacy breaches, your app will not be met with leniency if there are gaps in its security. To create a successful dating app, developers should ensure that they account for its users’ safety to the industry’s best standards.

Advertise your app

How do you intend to market your app, and which marketing channels will you use? What is the marketing procedure? You need to answer those questions with reliable strategies. Most people will not magically stumble upon and register on your app. So, you need competent digital marketers and updated SEO strategies to help you put your creation out there.

Final thoughts 

The online dating industry is getting saturated. But creating a dating app is not an arduous task if you know your way around it. Unfortunately, many creators dabble into the business blindly and pay for it with their time and resources. As long as you know its purpose, following the steps discussed in this article will help you create a dating app that works. 



With over 15 years of experience as a coach in the dating industry, Jaime Polsters has made a name for himself. He helps people find partners and build solid and sustainable relationships. He also works at YourMailOrderBride with a competent team of relationship experts holding workshops and guiding people through romantic relationships.