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5 Marketing Tools for Instant Growth on Facebook

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Facebook is the best and most widely used social media platform. It has more than 2.5 billion active users out of which 1.6 billion people visit it daily. So, if you are not using Facebook for increasing your brand’s presence online, you are lagging behind your competitors.

Marketing on Facebook is not a tough job if you know the proper methods to do it. Though there are traditional ways of getting more Facebook engagement, you can have it by using several trustworthy tools. Using a site to buy Facebook likes is a good idea.


To make your social media marketing a little convenient, we have prepared a list of 5 marketing tools for instant growth on your Facebook account and boost your sales. You can gain organic reach by using these Facebook marketing tools.

5 marketing tools for Facebook

    1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is widely known as an email marketing tool and is one of the best in its category. It the ideal for small businesses, influencers, startups, and professional bloggers. However, its use is not limited to email marketing only. SendinBlue can also help in Facebook advertising and it does its job efficiently.

It can do wonders for your Facebook marketing strategy. From creating an ad, setting up ad parameters to track your ad performance, it can do it all. It makes it effortless to create, manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.

If you want to use it for email marketing, you can send up to 300 emails per day under the free plan. To use SendinBlue for availing Facebook advertisement feature, you will need to upgrade to the Premium plan.

SendinBlue plans-

Free – $0/mo (300 emails/day)

Lite – $25/mo (40,000 emails /mo)

Essential – $39/mo (60,000 emails/mo)

Premium – $66/mo (120,000 emails/mo)

    2. SocialBee

SocialBee is another important social media management tool that can take over almost all the load of your Facebook marketing campaigns. With the help of SocialBee, you can schedule upcoming posts and curate content on several major social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.1.10

If you have plenty of “evergreen content” on your blogs, then you can use SocialBee for recycling those posts on Facebook. You can schedule your content in advance and expire posts on specific dates automatically. When you are consistent with your audience by posting regularly, your engagement will eventually increase.

SocialBee does not offer any free plan but it gives a 14-day trial period on all plans.

SocialBee plans

Bootstrap – $19/mo (connect up to 5 social profiles)

Accelerate – $39/mo (connect up to 10 social profiles)

Pro  – $79/mo (connect up to 25 social profiles)


    3. Buffer

Buffer works somehow similar to SocialBee. It is a perfect tool to grow your brand organically on Facebook. Buffer can help you in automatically planning, scheduling, and posting content on Facebook and other social media platforms. While being consistent on your Facebook account by posting regularly, you can tell your brand’s story in a more effective and engaging manner. This will help in growing your business or brand online and also increase your facebook engagement.

Buffer has a simple user interface, powerful features such as social analytics, etc., that makes it suitable for every social media marketer. Along with such amazing features, it also has a free plan under which you can schedule posts up to 10 times a day on 3 social accounts. If you want to post more number of posts each day and unlock more advanced features, you need to upgrade to one of its paid plans.

Buffer plans

Pro – $15/mo (8 social accounts, 100 posts, 1 user)

Premium – $65/mo (8 social accounts, 2,000 posts, 2 users)

Business – $99/mo (8 social accounts, 2,000 posts, 6 users)


    4. MobileMonkey

Engaging more with your audience through Facebook messenger can boost up your pace of growth on Facebook. If you are willing to use Facebook messenger in your marketing strategy, then MobileMonkey should be a must-have tool in our list. It is a chatbot platform that allows you to create chatbots to interact with your customers, segment your audience, drive conversions and grow your email list.

The tool is extremely user-friendly and you can create a powerful Messenger chatbot for your Facebook’s brand page in no time. The best thing about MobileMonkey is that you can start using it for free. Under this plan, you can create your chatbot and send up to 1000 credits per month. To unlock more features and send more credits, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

MobileMonkey plans

Free – $0 (1,000 send credits)

Pro – $6.95/mo (2,000 send credits)

Pro Unicorn – $14.25/mo (6,500 send credits)

Team – $199/mo (100,000 send credits)

    5. KingSumo

Giveaways have now become a popular strategy to boost your brand’s growth on social media instantly. KingSumo is a similar kind of platform that allows you to create viral giveaways easily so you can grow your audience quickly and more effectively. You can create your giveaways in a few minutes and run them without any obstacle. The giveaways that KingSumo makes for you can be promoted on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It will invite more contestants, attract more people to your account, and increase your engagement. Under its Web App Free plan, you can create unlimited giveaways

KingSumo plans

Free – $0/mo (create unlimited giveaways)

Premium – $19/mo or $49/year ( Facebook Pixel tracking, adding your brand to KingSumo landing pages)