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It's trendy to see, hear and talk about new trends these days. It goes for everything. And dating is not exempt from this practice as well. Every few days, there's a new dating trend that young people feel really excited to talk about knowledgeably. People have been doing these since men and women started dating each other. Only they were known by different names. So without further ado, let's delve into some of the top 'new' (nah… not really) dating trends.


What we want to tell you here is that these are nothing new, just like spank dating. A girl and a guy go on some dates and maybe get intimate, maybe not yet. Everything looks fine till one of them suddenly vanishes. Meaning they ignore calls, texts, and social media messages. Blocking the other person on social media is quite common. The one who is being ghosted can't make any sense of it. Back in the day, it was still very much there, only without social media pressure. It was and still is an easy way to stop being a couple without explaining why. Cowardly, of course, but it's a classic.


If you thought ghosting was traumatizing, wait till you hear about scrouging. It takes its name from Ebenezer Scrooge, the grumpy older man, and you can probably guess what it's about. To scrooge, anyone is to abandon them just before the holiday season to avoid having to give them a present. This is a whole new degree of cheapskate though it was always there. Scrooges have always been around, who would rather call it a day than turn up on Christmas empty-handed.


This is the act done by someone who, rather than pursuing their own relationship, waits for a mate to leave a bad relationship before swooping in to take full advantage of a fragile and single state. He's a relationship vulture, feasting on her defunct relationship's carcass. Social media makes it easy to keep track of the dying relationship, naturally. These desperate people, known as 'sloppy seconds' then, were there in those days as well.


The person goes on a date and pretends to be someone they are not. They pretend to be more accomplished, richer, or higher on the career ladder. They could go to the extent of using a snazzy nickname that they heard somewhere and wished it were theirs. Let's face it, and this is something almost everybody from time immemorial has been guilty of, to a lesser or greater degree.


This refers to a person who sends flirtatious text messages but refuses to commit to a genuine relationship. In most instances, the aim is to have a romantic encounter or an illicit affair without committing to something. A talented breadcrumber will come up with a variety of ways to flirt with his victim. To get the emotion and learn about the personality, he knows whether to send playful text messages or even make flirtatious calls. If there is one thing a guy with this mentality can, it is manipulating the girl and initiating an enigmatic attraction.


You Turn

It happens when a person goes into a relationship head first and full steam, only to have it dawn on them that they were getting too excited too soon and that they're not quite as much interested now. Then they do a U-turn, which in earlier days was smoothed over by saying, "Oh, they just got carried away"!


This is when someone thinks their best friend is funnier than them and lets that friend communicate with their romantic partner by proxy. It can help when you like someone but are scared to ask them out if you get rejected. So what essentially happens is: your friend tells your friend, their friend tells them, they reject you, their friend tells your friend to tell you to get lost.

Cookie jarring

Cookie jarring is another trend when a person dates someone but keeps a fall-back option or options in terms of another or a few other people who can be potential dates. This too was always there, and in fact, it was much easier to do in the absence of all-pervasive social media. Keeping one bird in the bush and one in hand could be done with much lesser chances of slip-ups.


Despite the fancy name, it's nothing but being nice while you break up with somebody. This one is also a classic; people have been dumping people kindly since eternity. Lying is, of course, allowed! The dumpee is supposed to understand the reasons for being dumped and stay friends with the dumper for life.


Earlier it used to be known as flirting, but what it essentially is, is two people texting back and forth continuously – making it clear that there's a romantic connection or sexual tension, but without committing in any way or making it official.