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Violent Attack on a Pregnant Orthodox Jewish Woman in Stamford Hill, London

STAMFORD HILL, LONDON, EUROPE--This latest attack comes only weeks after the murder of another woman, Sarah Everard, by a stranger. That case prompted mass gatherings and protests calling for an

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suspect wanted for brutal attack of  Jewish woman

increase in women’s safety in the UK.

The Jewish woman was reportedly attacked by a stranger as she went to visit her father. In CCTV footage the attacker was seen following her before he approached her from behind and placed a bag or pillow case over her head and proceeded to punch her violently multiple times. The Metropolitan police said a 20-year-old woman was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. 


The attack took place in Stamford Hill, an area with a high population of ultra-Orthodox Jews. A 55-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm at an address in Haringey, London, in connection with the attack.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, one of the UK’s most prominent campaigners against antisemitism, commented:

"This was a vicious and unprovoked attack on a pregnant, Orthodox Jewish woman and her unborn baby. No woman should feel unsafe walking in the streets of London. We can’t know the motivation of the attacker, but certainly the victim was recognizably Jewish because of her clothing and head covering, which the attacker allegedly removed as part of this attack. The revelation that CCTV shows him following her for 20 minutes before the attack makes the incident even more disturbing.

It is deeply concerning that a local Jewish community organization has reported a spike in attacks on Jewish women in the area in recent weeks. The police need to be out patrolling the area not only to give confidence to all citizens but also to proactively stop these sorts of attacks from taking place. Thankfully the police have made an arrest in this case, and the swift action of Shomrim, the Jewish community security group, in releasing the CCTV has probably helped catch the suspect.

This attack is a reminder to us all, but particularly to women and Jewish people, that there are dangerous people in our society. There is a need for vigilance and protection for those who are threatened by these sorts of attacks.

A recent increase in negative coverage of Orthodox Jewish people may also contribute to this current climate. There has been an increased level of critical attention focused on the ultra-orthodox community as a result of their higher rates of COVID-19, with many in the media suggesting they break social distancing and lockdown rules more than other sectors of society. This issue is not as clear cut as the media makes out and the allegations against them may well contribute to anti-Jewish sentiment.” 

Speaking to the Jewish press in London, the victim’s brother said last night: “It was because she was Jewish. She was wearing a Jewish headscarf at the time. She felt someone was following her. Then he put a bag of some kind over her face and punched her a few times. She lives with her husband, and was visiting her father when it happened.” The brother confirmed she did not know her attacker, suggesting that she had been targeted because of her Orthodox clothing. He also confirmed the baby had been unharmed and the mother-to-be, who received hospital treatment for minor injuries, had made a full recovery.

TV clip.

Jonathan Sacerdoti is a British broadcaster and social commentator who focuses on racism and British society. He provides commentary for a wide range of TV stations including regular appearances on the BBC (including on their international show Dateline London). He also appears on Sky News, Channel 4 News, Al Jazeera English, NDTV, France 24, i24News, and others. He has been published by the Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, the New Statesman, and Jewish Chronicle.  

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