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Top e-Learning Resources For Effective Learning 


Top e-Learning Resources For Effective Learning 

Over the past few years — and especially since COVID-19 — the realm of electronic learning has quickly developed, leading to immeasurable changes throughout the educational sphere. Today, we have a robust and effective electronic learning management system that is supported by a wide range of technologies, including e-learning mobile apps and software that can be utilized by educational facilities. Such recent advances in technology have even allowed artificial intelligence to be incorporated into e-learning, pushing the boundaries beyond what was previously thought possible. Still, although the technology is available, not all educational institutions have learned how to harness it effectively. 

Recent technology has changed the way educators teach; more importantly, it has changed the educational system as a whole. Now, students no longer have to physically attend class in order to obtain study materials or converse with educators and peers. Furthermore, employees can attend workplace training from the comfort of their own homes thus saving employers from having to rent or delegate valuable physical space. In fact, the only requirement for e-learning is a reliable internet connection. 

What are the Top e-learning resources for effective e-learning today?

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Although technology has transformed almost all areas of life, no area has benefitted more than the field of learning — both in the corporate and educational sectors. Thanks to quick and easy communication, high-definition connections, an abundance of resources, and electronic libraries, e-learning has been adopted by industries across the entire globe. E-learning has provided us with freedom — all that is needed is the desire for knowledge. 

Below, are a few of the top e-learning resources for effective learning that are geared toward remote learning. 

  • Coursera

Consider the Mecca in the digital learning arena, with Coursera, you can choose from thousands of courses, all from the world's best educational institutions. Coursera offers courses for all types of specializations making it a suitable option for both students and employees who are driven to educate themselves. Furthermore, upon the successful completion of a course, with Coursera, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate that can be shared on Linkedin to show off the results of your hard work — employers love proof of additional training. There is a disadvantage as well: the limited time provided for each subject. This Fact makes it impossible to study whenever you want. learn anytime if you want to get a certificate. 

  • edX

EdX contains an abundance of productive and interesting courses from some of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the world. The only drawback is that these courses are not self-paced. In other words, you must keep a close eye on the course timeline. In order to facilitate students from across the world, edX was designed with an intuitive translation feature. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can advance your learning with edX.

  • YouTube

Nowadays, YouTube is far more than just an entertainment platform. With this service, you can learn almost anything with the help of extended courses and quick yet detailed tutorials. Although you won’t receive a fancy diploma or certificate upon graduation, with YouTube, you’ll easily gain the skills required to impress any employer. No matter the subject you’re interested in, simply type it in the search box and you’re bound to see plenty of results; in fact, you’ll probably see hundreds of search results. I always recommend subscribing to the educational channels you’re interested in. This way you’ll always remain up-to-date and never miss a new video.

  • Lynda

Founded way back in 1995, Lynda is one of the oldest and most well-known resources that exists today. A lot has changed since ‘95, to keep up with the times, Lynda now offers thousands of online courses and video tutorials taught by experts in all sorts of fields, including technology, business, design, etc. Keep in mind, unlike YouTube, Lynda is a paid platform. 

  • Udemy

Designed for the corporate sector, Udemy helps students improve their skills in fields like SEO services, web development, design, and much more. According to your needs and budget, various educational models are available but keep in mind, Udemy does offer some free courses. Complete with professional translation tools and over 60,000 courses, Udemy is the perfect platform for students from all over the world. Furthermore, Udemy allows students to learn at their own place.

  • Alison

Over 11 million students, a wide range of disciplines, and some of the best experts in their represented fields, with Alison, you get the whole package. Choose from technology, business, marketing, healthcare, mathematics, science, and plenty of additional fields — with Alison, you’ll become an expert in no time. The best part is, after the successful completion of a course, Alison will supply you with a diploma to validate your hard work.   

Thanks to the wide range of versatile platforms and courses available today, e-learning has been popularized around the globe, allowing us all to become experts without paying an arm and a leg for an expensive education. Thanks to ground-breaking language tools and handy translation features, language barriers are a thing of the past. E-learning grants us direct access to the experts — something we couldn’t have even dreamed of 30 years ago. Finally, both the corporate and education sectors are free to use the tools they see fit in order to provide their students and employees with the best education possible. 

Before settling on a specific platform, first, analyze your primary goals and identify which features are required to enhance the overall learning process for both students and educators alike. As the quality of education greatly depends on the instrument used, selecting the right material is of the utmost importance. That said, with a reliable Internet connection, a virtual classroom, and optimal communication with teammates and educators, students will not only enjoy the learning process, but they’ll also thrive. As working with documentation is often an integral part of the online learning process, be sure to keep an eye out for platforms that provide students and educators with the option to edit, comment, sign, split, and merge documents and PDFs.