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Tips on How to Revamp Your Living Room

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Get Inspired


Having a vision of what you want to achieve is the best place to start when revamping your living room. You can get inspiration from social media sites, design magazines, blogs, and various websites like Pinterest. You also can borrow ideas from the different places you visit, including offices, interior design showrooms, and even your friends or relatives’ homes. Pay attention to the colors, spatial layout, and décor. Try to create a mental image that speaks to you, or better yet, take pictures to use as reference points when you start redoing your living area. 


Plan Your Layout


Before hanging the window treatments and splashing some paint on the walls, you should figure out what you want and where it will go. It is all about furniture placement, which is one of the hard parts of redecorating a living room. The room’s dimensions and your furniture’s size can be limiting factors that you cannot overlook.


If you are bringing in new pieces, take the time to review your choices. You should consider having a focal piece. A cozy couch can be an excellent pick, especially since you are revamping a living room. You can work everything else regarding your furniture choices around the couch, having an idea of each item’s arrangement. You must achieve a flow throughout the space, making sure you leave a clear way for people to maneuver. Adhere to the general rule of thumb, placing the largest pieces around the room’s perimeter to avoid creating visual blocks.


Paint A Neutral Color


The paint colors you pick for your living area are most likely influenced by your personal preferences. However, it is wise to consider working with neutral hues such as sage and gray since the objective is to create a space that feels comfy and relaxing. Bold colors such as orange and red will grab your attention, making your brain too alert and making it harder for you to unwind when in the room.


As a core area in your home, the living room sets the tone of how people perceive your interior décor throughout the house. Neutral colors will help you tame your décor’s tone, ensuring things are not too over the top. But it also will be an opportunity to inject some personality into your living area, allowing you to play around with accents and art pieces. You can get some paint color tips and visual inspirations from the different décor project you have discovered.


To Rug or Not


A carpeted living room can benefit from an area rug. The objective is to use the rug to create a visual break whenever you look at the flooring. Moreover, you can use the area rug to add texture or color. It also can be an excellent choice if you have an open floor plan, allowing you to create a clearly defined and designated living space. 


Nonetheless, you should choose the area rug wisely, considering the size and style. It should Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 15.55.25not be too small that it looks misplaced or unbalanced, disrupting the living room’s inherent flow. Similarly, it should not be too large that is dwarfs other items in the room, making them feel smaller and making you doubt your decision to settle for small pieces. Strive to strike the sweet spot, which is possible if you carefully measure the dimensions of the rug you need and which style will work best. If you have wooden floors, it can be difficult to feel a sense of comfort without some coziness underfoot. If you are overwhelmed by all the choices, shop anchor rugs.   They will make the chore a relaxing experience.


Texture and Color


The possibilities of what you can achieve when decorating or revamping your living area are many. Nevertheless, you are less likely to doubt your choices if you opt for pieces and decoration strategies that speak to your personality, more so if they exude some texture and color variations to the room. 


For instance, you can use throw pillows and a blanket to layer the textures on your couch. Wall hanging and other art pieces can also add pops of color throughout the living space. But avoid overcrowding the room by going over the top with the different textures and hues. Careful lighting creates the perfect ambience, take a look at lampshades for sale. The objective is to make the living area feel roomier, welcoming, comfier, and relaxing.


Inject Some Green


Ideally, living rooms should have plenty of natural light. As such, you have an opportunity to make it feel “green” and what better way to do this than with plants! Research suggests and indoor plants can help purify the air and decrease stress. You probably do not have a thing for plants, but worry not. Faux greenery and flowers can be a perfect start. They are low maintenance and look great in most living room setups.