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The Future of Destiny 2 Raiding


It is no secret to anyone that a Destiny 2 raid is a defining activity. It is a 6-men group cooperative mission where usually your goal is to find the target and kill it. A raid is always this super challenging but at the same time breathtakingly cinematic experience with these super epic battles against the worst enemies in the universe. And for those that want more, you can always switch to a harder difficulty called the Prestige Mode. Then what’s unique to Destiny 2 specifically is the raid-type activity called lairs. These also feature puzzles and boss fights, although unlike full-length raids, lairs are shorter.



Not all raids were made equal. Some of them were not as successful or popular in the community as others. Therefore, when looking into the future, we all have our own vision of the next best raid. With much of the content being vaulted, there’s a good chance that raids that are currently unavailable will come back bearing some adjustments. But it wouldn’t be enough to just re-release old content. 


As far as the new content goes, we know that after Beyond light, there will be two more expansions:

  1. One of them is called The Witch Queen; 
  2. And the other is called Lightfall. 


There’s no doubt both expansions will feature at least one raid each. However, it’s just too soon to start thinking about what they will be like since we don’t even know the theme of the upcoming expansions. That leaves us with the near future.



More Challenge is Welcomed


The Deep Stone Crypt is the latest raid that is supposed to be the culmination of everything that we’ve seen for this sort of activity. If we treat every new raid as this kind of ultimate representation of the game mode in its current state, a lot of people agree on one thing — raids are most easy these days. It seems like Bungie has been building raids specifically as the Day 1 experience and less so for not the Day 1 experience. We wouldn’t touch the topic of the Day 1 raid clearing rates. 


Yes, a lot of people have managed to clear DSC on the first day of its release. But this is not exactly the point we’re trying to deliver here. The point is that maybe, just maybe, raids are a bit easier than they should be. This should be clarified further — easy doesn’t mean bad or boring. With what many of us think of raids in general, they are supposed to be more challenging than this. There are two components to the raid’s difficulty — the hardness of the fights and the ponderosity of the non-combat parts of the raid, i.e., the puzzles, accessing buffs, and stuff like that. So, here’s hoping that future Destiny 2 raids will become more challenging on both parts!