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SYPWAI - development of the neural networks

SYPWAI is a project that today has been considered as one of the most promising among the existing ones. In 2018, Theneurosphere, the founder of the SYPWAI platform, has won a grant of $90 million, as well as the opportunity for partnership with the largest laboratory - Lifeasapa, to present the project to the world.


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The slogan of the SYPWAI project is “Solve your problem with AI”. The slogan means that the company managed to gain its recognition and become the most popular among the largest corporations and holdings in the world.

"Solve your problem with AI"

SYPWAI's motto means not only the opportunity to work with big businesses but also providing ordinary people with work. The company provides an opportunity for regular users to contribute to innovative technologies and at the same time receive monetary rewards for this.

Users are taught a simple algorithm for neural network training, which will subsequently help companies optimize business performance and solve problems that have arisen. There are two types of training: general and special. In general, the user only needs common sense and the ability to distinguish a lion from a giraffe. Since the algorithm itself resembles an educational game for toddlers. Anyone can find work here, regardless of social status, age, and occupation. What for special education, however, there still might be needed a piece of in-depth knowledge on various specialized fields, like chemistry, physics, or engineering. The selection of specialists who are engaged in special training of the neural network is carried out using a special IQ test, which shows the professional suitability. The test is truly serious, which does not tolerate any errors, considering the system should work correctly.

Theneurosphere has determined for itself that the SYPWAI project is not a way to expand their own company, but to help organizations that have turned to them. Since the platform’s main goal is to work for the benefit of people, as well as for startups and large business projects, which will find this platform of particular use and importance.

Every day, project users solve several issues: errors in the operation of the service, increasing sales in organizations, increasing customer and customer loyalty, as well as optimizing work processes in general. Problem solving has successfully been implemented thanks to the platform staff, or rather, people from all over the world, who help training the neural network and who support the project continuously.

As soon as the company receives a request from a client, there is a mass mailing to the SYPWAI team. Each request is being processed and analyzed so that each person could get feedback and proceed to work with the platform on time. Testing is necessary to confirm competence in the current issue so that the problems of the client's company and the analysis of the work of client’s company are carried out as accurately as possible.

After passing the test, the user proceeds to the task. As soon as the execution time runs out, the platform collects all the received data, analyzes it, and then generates the correct answer. Data analysis and selection of correct answers are performed based on information from users. This explains the fact that only those employees who were able to answer all the questions correctly are paid.

Theneurosphere company has been able to prove more than once that it is not in vain; the company has chosen such a slogan under which it has been working for many years. After all, the project not only increases its recognition and popularity but also really works for the benefit of all humankind. The better services of companies are provided for ordinary people, the more comfortable life of everyone will become. Moreover, thanks to all the new developments of scientists in the field of neural networks, there are more and more innovative discoveries every day.