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Should You Change Yourself Before Asking for Her Hand in Marriage?


Is there a need to change who you are because you finally found the love of your life? Some people have a hard time answering this question. You want to change yourself to be better and deserving of your partner. At the same time, you also don’t want to change who you are to impress someone else. It’s one thing when you are still in the early stages of your relationship. It takes a different meaning once you already decided to get married

Start by changing your bad habits

At your age, you already know what your terrible qualities are. You might want to start there. It might not be easy to change them, but you know it’s the right thing to do. If you’re willing to do it, you probably found the right person. Otherwise, no one can change your terrible habits. 

You can also consider the things you always fight about. If you want to impress your girlfriend and win her hand in marriage, you have to show that you listen. You will have more arguments when you get married. If you can’t show that you’re willing to listen now, it will only get worse. 

Reconsider your decision if you no longer know who you are

There's nothing wrong with trying to change your bad habits. You can also listen to show that you love your girlfriend. The problem is if she keeps forcing you to be an ideal person. It will reach a point when you don't know who you are anymore. After reflecting on it, you have to reconsider your decision. Getting married is about sharing your life. You might have to unite in many ways, but you're still two unique individuals. If she keeps telling you to change and be what she wants you to be, it's not healthy anymore. It's also the same if you wish to change her according to what you want her to be. There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but you can’t keep changing people to meet your expectations. If you feel that way, perhaps you’re with the wrong person. You feel unsatisfied because you are looking for someone else. It's unfair for you to settle with someone whom you believe is not the right person. It's also unfair for your partner to keep changing based on your ideals.

Relationships are a result of hard work 

When you engage in a relationship, you have to work hard on it. Nothing comes easily. Even people who have been together for a long time end up falling out of love. If you found the right one, you can decide to marry that person. Purchase the best ring and ask for her hand in marriage. You can consider buying from the best jewelers inPhiladelphia when you check out this website.

You might be hesitant, and it's understandable. You can't expect everything to be perfect before you ask the question. The good thing is that there's always an opportunity to improve your relationship. You can find a way to be better people for each other. As long as these changes happen naturally, they’re good enough.


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