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Looking to Buy a Bike? 4 Types of Bicycles to Consider 

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If you are thinking about getting a bike, beginning to cycle, or extending your bike collection, there are a lot of things you will need to consider. One of the first things to think about is the type of bike that would work best for you. Different bicycle styles are made for different uses, and it is important to make sure you are using the correct bike. Here are just a couple of different types of bicycles that you may consider using depending on your requirements. 

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are made to tackle challenging and rough terrain and are designed for off-road cycling. They have thicker tires, low handlebars, and a low gear range to help you cycle uphill. They also usually have some form of suspension and shock absorbency. They can handle a variety of terrains and environments. Mountain bikes have to be incredibly durable yet nimble and responsive, with powerful brakes and a lightweight frame. They often come with accessories such as mudguards, which help prevent mud from getting into your eyes when you are cycling. 

Road Bike

A road bike is designed for on-road cycling and has thin tires that make them glide easily along flat surfaces with little effort. They have multi-position handlebars to help you find the perfect grip position. Road bikes are fast and lightweight and are incredibly common. They can also come with plenty of accessories to make your daily rides more comfortable or efficient, such as baskets or cargo racks to store your belongings. Road bikes are not suitable for uneven terrain. There are many different types of road bikes that are suited to different uses, such as race road bikes, touring, or endurance.

Hybrid Bike

These are a combination of road and mountain bikes and are suitable for a wide range of activities such as short-range commuting and cycling on more unevenly paved or unpaved bike trails. Whereas road bikes should not be used on uneven surfaces, and mountain bikes are not designed for flat surfaces, hybrid bikes are a good compromise to use in moderate conditions. They are comfortable and lightweight and usually have a little bit of entrance suspension, with padding seating and upright handlebars. You can have a look at some of the best hybrid bikes for men at Cycle Solutions, although many of them are considered unisex and therefore could be suitable for all genders. 

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are incredibly common among those who perhaps take multiple forms of transport on their commutes or do not have a lot of storage room in which to keep their bike. Folding bikes are compactable, easy to ride, and easy to use and assemble. They have smaller wheels than other types of bikes which can make them less efficient, but improves the acceleration. They are heavier than other bikes and tend to be more expensive due to the design factors and manufacturer-specific parts, but are really useful and popular among commuters. 


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